Zurich has the first restaurant with two Michelin stars!

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Restaurant in one of my favorite Swiss hotels The Dolder Grand (Zurich) received a second Michelin star.

So far, this is the only restaurant in Zurich that has entered the “two-star” league of the Michelin guide. The restaurant deserved such a high recognition thanks to its unsurpassed chef, a chef from Germany, Heiko Nider, who, from the very day of opening in April 2008, has been working hard to please the most serious gourmets of the world and bring his brainchild to the leaders …

“Heiko Nieder has been with us since the opening. It is a great joy for us to appreciate his culinary talent at such a high level,” comments Thomas Schmid, Managing Director of The Dolder Grand.

The restaurant’s menu is designed in such a way that the art of the chef can be appreciated in its most subtle manifestations. All dishes are distinguished by a bold combination of ingredients. Heiko’s gastronomic masterpieces include shellfish with veal, peanuts, dill and caviar, pigeon with cabbage, black pudding and raisins, trout with celery and watercress. He loves to improvise and is especially successful at it on the field of the dessert menu. There, for example, he very boldly experiments with vegetables.

If you don’t know exactly what Heiko does best (although he is very good at almost everything), you can stop at the set menu, this is sort of the best from Heiko Nieder.

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