Yoga in Marrakesh, the new program of the hotel La Mamounia

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Heat, Morocco, Marrakech. Hotel La Mamounia It certainly belongs to those few places where you want to return. Moreover, for quite a long time, about three years, there was no way to return to it, since until September 2009 the hotel was subjected to a thorough renovation. But the hotel is now open. And, in order to draw additional attention to this fact, the owners now and then arrange very entertaining PR campaigns. One of them will be held from 16 to 21 May. And it will be of particular interest to all those who understand what beneficial effects yoga can have on a person.

Morocco, Marrakesh, La Mamounia Hotel

La Mamounia has invited certified New York yoga instructor Sylvia Mae Smith. And she – created a special program of internal cleansing – only for hotel guests and only for the period from May 16 to 21. A few words about Sylvia: in 1972, she began practicing yoga at the California center of the legendary Ramakrish Ananda, subsequently devoting her future path to deepening and expanding her knowledge not only in the field of Yoga, but also in dietology, colon therapy and various massage techniques.

What will be her course for La Mamounia? This is a course of spiritual development and self-knowledge, which involves the participation of only ten people. The program includes 2 hours of yoga and 1 hour of meditation – daily, under the personal guidance of an experienced instructor. In addition, interesting seminars on meditation, pranayama breathing techniques and healthy eating await the guests.

But even if you do not intend to be among those ten chosen ones who will comprehend the harmony of the world with the help of Sylvia, you will still get a chance to significantly improve your well-being when you come to the La Mamounia hotel: according to experts, the spa center of the hotel deserves all kinds of praise!

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