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1 day trip from Vladimir to Yaroslavl

We met with my parents in Vladimir and decided to go for 1 day to Yaroslavl. We decided and went. Five of us – my aunt and cousin joined us. We planned to go for 2 days. A couple of days before the trip, we bought tickets for 500 kopecks one way (for some reason they are only sold one way) and booked a hostel in Yaroslavl for one night.

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How to get from Vladimir to Yaroslavl

From Vladimir to Yaroslavl, buses run only 2 times a day, but you can buy a ticket to Ivanovo (buses go there more often), and from there you can get to Yaroslavl. The road to Ivanovo takes about two hours, from Ivanovo to Yaroslavl – another 2 hours. The route is surprisingly decent, buses are also nothing for Russia, and given that I spend a lot of time on the road, I learned to sleep in any transport and in any position, so I slept half the way. The other half (which I was awake) I really liked – huge fields strewn with bright flowers, thin birch trees, which were the subject of admiration for more than one Russian poet, Christmas trees, sweet houses in classic Russian style. In general, I caught myself thinking that even after 3 weeks that I am in Russia, I still feel like a tourist – everything is somehow new, unusual, amazing.

Hostel in Yaroslavl

Arriving in Yaroslavl, we immediately bought tickets for the return trip, after which we went to the hostel. Hostel booked by me good luck was in an old, old building in the city center and occupied only one floor. Literally several rooms, hot shower, toilet, kitchen – everything is clean and ok. For 550 rubles per day. Very good option for such short trips. The administrator told me that one girl from Argentina stayed with them, who was looking for her roots buried in one of the villages of the Yaroslavl region. Judging by the map hanging on the wall of the hostel, many tourists from all over the world stop there. However, I did not meet foreigners there.

Walk around Yaroslavl

In general, we settled in the hostel and went for a walk. It is worth saying that my aunt has already been to Yaroslavl twice. These were excursions, and she liked the city so much that she wanted to return here on her own, just to take a walk, enjoy the city at her own pace. I had another purpose of the trip. Being an ardent hockey fan, I really wanted to visit Yaroslavl. That is why it was decided to find an arena in the first place. Lokomotiv 2000, and only then walk around the historical center of the city. We found the arena without any problems, walked around a little, paused at the wall with photographs of the tragically dead hockey players. At times like this, no words are needed.

Then we went to embankment of the Volga. How beautiful it is – a lot of greenery, everything is well-maintained, people ride roller skates and bicycles. Walking step we reached Assumption Cathedral. This cathedral was built recently on the site of a historic building destroyed by the communists. There is also a stone that marks the place where Yaroslav the Wise began the construction of the city, and Monument of the Holy Trinity – one of a kind (usually the Holy Trinity is depicted by painting, not sculpture). And below is the so-called arrow – the place where the Kotorosl River flows into the Volga. Not far from this place is Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, on the territory of which it is pleasant to walk. Nearby there is a beach, an amusement park and many more beautiful places for walking.

In memory of HC Lokomotiv

The next day I did decided to go to Tunoshna – the place where the plane with the locomotive crashed. My aunt really wanted to go there, I doubted. I was afraid it would be too hard for me. But in the end, I made up my mind. Let’s go by taxi. At first we wanted to go by bus, but then we decided to take a taxi, because we were not sure that we could find the right place. And they did it right. If not for the taxi driver, we would have been looking for a way for a long time.

When we arrived, it became somehow creepy from the silence and tranquility reigning there. Caring people take care of this place – everything is ennobled, there are a lot of fresh flowers, scarves and paraphernalia of almost all KHL clubs. People do remember. But silence. She presses. Therefore, we laid flowers, stayed there for 10 minutes and left in the same taxi that was waiting for us on the sidelines. Staying longer was unbearable. At least for me. I want to say a few more words for those who also want to go there and pay tribute to the memory of the guys. Buses to Tunoshna run very often from the Yaroslavl bus station. Some go to the village, others go to the airport. It is better to go to the village, because the airport is on the other side. It’s best to take a taxi though. At least in order to be taken there, because otherwise it will be difficult to find a place.

We returned to the city, walked a little more in the center and drove back to Vladimir. Too bad there wasn’t enough time. I wanted to go to the Tolchsky Monastery, located on the other side of the Volga. But that’s for next time 😉

I really liked Yaroslavl

I couldn’t even find anything negative there. Everything is beautiful, clean, a lot of historical places. The people are nice – young people look good, old people are very nice. I have never come across rudeness, rudeness (as in the same, Vladimir, for example). Of course, I spent little time there, but it was enough for me to fall in love with this city and want to return there.

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