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I promised to tell about my favorite Vienna hotels and about where I’m going to stay when I go to jazz festival. Undoubtedly, I prefer the hotel Palais Coburg (included in Relais & Chateaux) and stop this time again in it.

Firstly, it is in the center, but at the same time it is located somehow so that it is around it that there are no tourists and idlers. The place is quiet, calm. Secondly, the service here is excellent. Thirdly, the atmosphere created by the 19th century palace and classical interiors is very aristocratic. This is the real Vienna! Right there, in the palace, there is a spa center with a swimming pool (pools in Viennese hotels are as much a surprise as, say, a good artist at Eurovision).

There is also a good restaurant here.1 Michelin star), the glass door of which, as soon as you approach it, swings open in front of you by itself. Under the restaurant there is a separate cellar floor with a good collection of worthy wines. However, I do not want to talk about food now, because the gastronomic component of Vienna needs to be written in a separate post (and I wrote it, here it is). “Food in Vienna”is an important and responsible topic that requires special discussion, and I will indeed devote one of the next reviews to this topic. In Palais Coburg, for those who like cool, I can advise one of Imperial Suiteswhich is on the second floor. They are two-level: on the first level there is a spacious bright living room, and upstairs there is a bedroom and a terrace overlooking the park.

Imperial Palais Suite Victoria

But I myself prefer the Palais suite, here it is:

palais suite

If you do not want silence, but on the contrary, you want to feel the rhythm of this city, find yourself immediately right in the center of city events, then you have a direct road to the Bristol Hotel. It is a little simpler (network Westin), but they keep a decent level there. Actually, the main advantage of Bristol (although not the only one) is that it literally a stone’s throw from the Vienna Opera.

The hotel is large, with 140 rooms (of which 18 are suites), but the service does not suffer. You can take one of the Penthouse Suites. These are stylish rooms with rounded walls (they are located right in the towers on the roof), although … in summer it can be hot up there, and if you are not a fan of air conditioning, then it is better to choose another room. But the views from the terraces of these towers are good.

one of the penthouses

However, if you stay in the Opera Suite (that is, one floor lower), the views outside the windows will still instantly immerse you in the atmosphere of Musilevsky «A person without properties“. And in my head it will immediately sound “Ring of the Nibelung“.


This is a matter of preference, of course, but it is a reference to Richard Wagner I would like to finish this review, because the great composer celebrates his 196th birthday today!

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