Where to stay in Vancouver? And what about restaurants?

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Friends are going to the Olympics and they asked me to write something about Vancouver. OK, I will respond to the request. Moreover, I really have something to say about Vancouver. There are at least two amazing boutique hotels there. Where you can live very well both during the Olympics and just at any other time when you are in Vancouver. I highly recommend that you choose these hotels, I promise you will not regret it!

First, it is definitely Wedgewood Hotel & Spa. The perfect combination of a luxurious escape from everything and everything and the essential amenities that the discerning business traveler is looking for, for example. Respectable institution to the core. More precisely from the lobby to the toilets! Art objects, eye-catching furniture, flowers, whole flower arrangements. The hotel has 83 rooms, each of them has a balcony with a veranda. Here, for example, is an ordinary, ordinary room of this hotel, but with two double beds. Do you understand what can be going on in such a room?

Executive room two doubles, Vancouver, Wedgewood Hotel

The rest – as expected: slippers, towels. As a compliment – a steam room. Well, and, in addition, very good masseurs and other various spa services, it’s not for nothing that the word “spa” is present in the name of the hotel …

The Wedgewood Hotel is right in the middle of trendy and glitzy Robson Square, home to all of Vancouver’s finest dining and shopping. However, if you stop here, and you don’t even need to worry about finding a place for dinner: the hotel restaurant with the sweetest name to my heart “Bacchus” is a very good, truly high-quality establishment.

Bacchus Restaurant, Vancouver

Bacchus cuisine is modern French.

Bacchus Restaurant, Vancouver.

And another very good hotel in Vancouver I can advise you. The Sutton Place. It is in the very center of the city. It differs from other hotels in the city with an absolutely non-Canadian, but with some kind of European level of hospitality and service. And in general – the European spirit. Actually, this is how they position themselves: their slogan is “European elegance” … As soon as you get into the lobby, the abundance and wealth that suddenly surrounds you from all sides discourages you – even if you are a worldly-wise person. At the same time, all this is so elegant and appropriate that you have to shrug a second time.

The Sutton Place, a hotel in Vancouver

The local spa center Vida Spa is a special pride of the hotel. They have a very wide range of offers – from ordinary body wraps to branded Ayurvedic treatments. From a 30-minute massage for just $60 to full-night spa vigils…

Also, The Sutton Place is perfect for business meetings, conferences and banquets, where, as I concluded from communication with the manager, they have a lot of experience with this kind of group receptions.

And you don’t have to worry about dinner here either. Fleuri Restaurant offers the finest sea food in town, while Gerard Lounge offers a light bistro-style menu. And, if you hint that it would be nice, the views from the window during dinner will be very good.

Gerard_lounge, Vancouver

Here’s what I think you should know about Vancouver first. But no, stop! Write down the names of my two favorite restaurants there as well. The first restaurant I go to in Vancouver is tojos – Unforgettably authentic Japanese cuisine. Probably the best Japanese restaurant in Vancouver.

Tojo, a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver

And second place is, of course, Lumier. Contemporary French cuisine with the Relais&Chateaux seal. Vancouver is a must-see restaurant!

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