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Today I’ll say a few words about where to stay and where to dine in Copenhagen… There are some really good hotels there, and your choice will already depend on what kind of person you are and what your personal taste and mood priorities are. If, for example, you are a fan of traditional, a little heavy, but still classic luxury, then there is nothing to think about – of course, you need to stay in Hotel d’Angleterreit is one of the oldest in the world grand hotels – elegant, preserving the atmosphere of tradition.


It is in the heart of Copenhagen, on kings squarelook at Royal Theater. In addition, it has an excellent Restaurant D’Angleterre, which is worth going to even if you do not stay at this hotel. There is both excellent Scandinavian cuisine and classic European. And a very good selection of wines and champagnes. Basically, it is in Hotel d’Angleterre usually settle all sorts of distinguished guests – politicians, movie stars and other celebrities. But their status, as it were, obliges them to live in such a historical and most branded hotel, and we can afford something more unusual and modern.

That’s why I prefer the hotel Front Hotel. You can’t say about him that he is very comfortable, but believe me, he is. There, inside, I immediately felt that rare combination of style, warmth, comfort and artistic sophistication, which is why I valued it so much. A bit of decadent flair, a bit of blooming complexity in interior details and a lot of comfort and harmony, and here it is – modern, real luxurysuch as it should be in the XXI century.

bed in The Front

And by the way, the restaurant here is also very strong. Every dinner turns into a unique experience.

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Copenhagen. Summary.

Where to stay: Hotel d’Angleterre – rating 5
Front Hotel – rating 5.
There is in the same place.

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