Where to eat in Beijing? The best restaurants in Beijing

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For a long time already, it seems it is time to devote a separate post to this topic. Best beijing restaurants. The topic is exciting, especially since in China – even in Beijing! – the traveler can often face gastronomic difficulties. The fact is that in China, almost all food looks very interesting and tempting. Especially in serious restaurants. But it doesn’t always taste good. Although if it’s tasty, then really, in Chinese …

So, here is a small overview of the best Beijing restaurants.

I’ll start with something new. September 15 restaurant group Capital M, known for its fine establishments in Shanghai and Hong Kong, made its debut in Beijing. It turned out to be a very stylish restaurant, with creative and tasty food and a chic interior design. But the main thing is the place. Everyone, of course, knows what Tiananmen Square is for Beijing and what the “Forbidden City” is for Beijing. So here it is! On the corner of Tiananmen, with panoramic views of the rooftops of the Forbidden City from the floor-to-ceiling terrace.

For seven years, Australian restaurateur Michel Garneau has been working on the miraculous transformation of a traditional Chinese building into a large and modern restaurant, and finally it happened! The restaurant is open, and what do we see?

I dined there only once, but it made a lasting impression on me. I have already said about the views, and now I will pay tribute to the food. I ate duck stewed with walnuts, and it was … Here you need to pick up an epithet. Divine does not fit. But anyway, it’s delicious.

The restaurant specializes in modern interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine. But there is also European food here …

The dishes are decorated with no less taste than the interiors.

Capital M restaurant Beijing

The second place in Beijing, where they cook very well and where a great atmosphere is formed, is maison boulud a pekin. This restaurant is run by famed New York chef Daniel Bolud. An old Chinese building, previously owned by the American Embassy (high ceilings, pompous staircases, wide doors), has been converted into a respectable restaurant. Once upon a time, great things were done here and the most important issues of Sino-American relations were resolved, and now they serve haute French cuisine. And Americans, French, Russians and even Chinese eat here with the same appetite…

Daniel Boulud in Beijing

An executive chef named Brian Reimer is working very well … His creations are quite consistent with the level of the building. Salad with tender juicy shrimps, coriander and lemon is delicious. Foie gras and tortellini broccoli are no less, while the slices of soft duck and pork that encrust the pâté give it extra sophistication.

Here is a video from the kitchen maison boulud a pekin:

m3 copy

But we have two more restaurants ahead, my friends, so let’s not linger here! A little good…

The next place that I recommend you definitely try is Fangshan. However, if you have been to Beijing, then most likely you already know this restaurant. This is the oldest and most famous Beijing restaurantah… Well, since it’s a brand, and people in Asia don’t really like to maintain an image, sometimes there are failures. I didn’t get in, but my friends told me how they once ate there completely tasteless and insanely expensive. But in order to feel the true Chinese flavor, I still recommend that you go here at least once. Firstly, it’s really exotic – Chinese paintings on the walls, waitresses dressed in costumes worn by courtesans at the imperial court, mirrors, candelabra, all in gold, in general, beautiful!


Order something fishy – you won’t go wrong. For example, oysters. And if you like to take risks, take camel hooves, deer tendons or turtle soup. Reservations must be made three days in advance. The site was not found, here is the phone number +86 (0)10 6401 1879.

And the last restaurant for today – Le lan. Well here mate Philippe Starck tried. Very interesting atmosphere imbued with the spirit of postmodern and apocalypse.

Le Lan

Everything here is really cool. When I had dinner here, I had the feeling that I was on another planet and, it should be noted, not on the most unpleasant …

Le Lan

Le Lan by Philippe Starck

What is there, Philip is a genius, I always told him this. The only problem… All this beauty is a little distracting from the food. Something overshadows it… Although the food is good… But anyway, it’s as if you planned to dine in the Greek Hall of the Pushkin Museum… The site does not work. Here is the phone +86 10 5109 6012

Le Lan

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