What to see in Oslo in 1 day

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We were passing through Oslo when we returned from our crazy trip to Iceland.

The connection between Reykjavik-Oslo and Oslo-Helsinki flights was about 6 hours. Minus about an hour on the road from the airport and to the airport (we used the services of https://www.flybussen.no/) and an early arrival at the airport before departure – it turned out about 4 hours to explore the city.

Below is the route that we went through and what we managed to see during this time.

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What to see in Oslo in 4 hours

The above bus arrives at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. From there, within reach Royal Palace.

Further on Karl Johan street we reach Norwegian National Theater.

Then we go down to the water, and through City Hall come to ferry pier.

From there we go to Fortress Akershus.

There we walk, we walk, we walk, we pass Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and find ourselves in a very unusual Opera buildings.

From there through Cathedral back to Radisson Blu Scandinavia.

With this route, we even have about 40 minutes left to dine on real Norwegian waffles.

What to see in Oslo in 8-10 hours

If you are in Oslo longer than 4 hours (say 8-10 hours), then it is quite possible to go through the following route:

  • Starting at vigeland sculpture park
  • From there, go to Bygdøy, where you can choose from as many as four popular museums – Cultural History Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and Fram Museum
  • Then you walk to ferry pier
  • Across City Hall go to Fortress Akhershus
  • come through Museum of the Norwegian Armed Forces and go to the building operas
  • From there close to Munch Museum, Botanical Garden and Museum of Natural History
  • Then through Cathedral go to Karl Johan street
  • We follow it to National Theater
  • And from there straight to Royal Palace, from which a couple of minutes walk to the Radisson Blu Scandinavia.

The back, of course, will fall off, but explore the whole city in 1 day;)

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