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“Memento Mori” is the greeting exchanged between Trappist monks in the 17th century. Translation from Latin – “Remember death.”

And why, in fact, remember death? Usually they try to forget about it. On this occasion, I will cite a few quotes from the great ones: “All thoughts about death are necessary for life,” said Leo Tolstoy. “To never be afraid of death, always think about it,” said Seneca. Both became immortal. Because they understood that all the forms that life takes on are just forms, and all of them are doomed to undergo changes and move into a new quality … However, we will not delve into the philosophical jungle. And let’s see a better video, which just prompted me to think about the impermanence and fluidity of being.

The video of the new Tudor creation is built as a memory of the past, coming to life in the present: He is driving a car and remembers how he once met Her on this road near Monte Carlo (black and white shot, a beautiful young lady is voting on the road, the film is slightly scratched, corroded by time). And right there, on the same road, but after a few years, or maybe decades, he meets her. She is no longer so young, but still beautiful and delightful. Dean Martin’s ever-young voice plays “Gentle on my Mind”, a carefree song about a river of memories. They are on a boat. Again, a black and white shot – a memory of how he, much younger, flies after the boat on a wakeboard … And in the finale – the trail from the boat on the water turns into a symbol of time, a clock. All life in one present moment, turned into eternity …

The new Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue is a remix of one of Tudor’s most interesting classics, the 1973 Montecarlo, a timepiece that has long been a collector’s item. Here is the classic example:


On the one hand, the case of the new watch is very similar to the classic Monte Carlo. But if you look closely at the details, other nuances become obvious that allow us to talk about the Tudor novelty as a completely new work, only playing with the classics, but not copying it at all. Such innovations include an improved three-dimensional dial, one of the levels of which perfectly phosphorizes in the dark, as well as two of the three hands (hour and minute).

Like forty years ago, these watches are decorated in a characteristic color scheme – blue, gray, orange. Sea, sun and… perhaps memories?

tudor blue-1

There are two stopwatches – 45 seconds and 60 seconds. Power reserve – 42 hours. The glass of the watch is scratch-resistant (that is, it literally “does not age”). The case is made of brushed stainless steel. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 150 meters.

Two strap options – a traditional metal bracelet and a “sea” made of fabric (soft, wavy, blue-gray-orange).

tudor blue-2

But all these details, made, of course, at the highest level, are not so important compared to the main thing that this watch has – the spirit of eternal youth, the spirit of immortality. The spirit of victory over time, which can only be gained by those who are not afraid of death and always remember it.

tudor blue-3

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