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I will tell you today about one unusual Mexican hotel. Mexico, Monterreycapital State of Nuevo Leon. Hotel Hotel Habita Monterrey, owned by the Habita group. I don’t remember how I found out about this place. It seems that someone I know told me shortly before my Mexican tour. Anyway, I immediately took note of him for the reason that he has a clear insignia. Namely, he black and white. Well, that is, completely achromatic – except for black, white and their combinations (gray), neither in the interiors of the lobby, nor in the rooms, there is not a single hint of other colors anywhere.

Hotel in Monterrey by Habitta

Everything is very simple: glass, concrete, white walls, strict black furniture from Denmark (from the Swan series by designer and architect Arne Jacobsen, this furniture was specially ordered and brought to Mexico for the arrangement of the Hotel Habita Monterrey). And the more monotonous inside, the stronger the impression of the city outside: all the brightness, juiciness, riot of Mexican colors immediately begins to be perceived as if in a quadro effect: covered with a haze of clouds over an electric blue sky Mount Cerro de la Silla (which is visible from some windows and from the roof, from the terrace), swarthy Mexicans, the warm lights of the city in the evenings and the water in the pools that are arranged on the roof of the hotel … Everything takes on some kind of photoshop dimension. It is especially unusual to meet some Mexican hotel employee in this black and white corridor: it seems that her skin glows …

Habita Villa Monterrey

Of the usual advantages of five-star modern hotels, one can mention the indispensable presence of Wi-Fi, an i-pod station in the room, round-the-clock service, of course, and one more thing: the hotel has a good French restaurant.

The interior of the hotel was designed by a designer Joseph Diran, and, one can say, he did not try in vain: an amazing and stylish aura really hovers in the hotel. In 2008, the Hotel Habita Monterrey received the ARTRAVEL magazine award for “Hotel with the best concept design“.

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