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Stylish and unusual, exciting the imagination and bringing you closer to nature … Tree houses, and in some cases even entire hotels in the trees. Perhaps this is the most striking eco-trend of recent times, which is also related to the luxury industry. No, of course, you could hear about houses and hotels in the trees before. For example, budget attractions of this kind have been available in Vietnam and India for quite some time. But lately it has become quite fashionable. And really good quality. Here you are, dear readers of LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru, my small hit parade of the best, as it seems to me, tree houses!

Treehotel, Sweden

Swedish Treehotel opened in July last year and immediately made a lot of noise.

Bright design, six creatively designed threehouses in the forest near the town of Harads, in the north of the country. Each house is unique – one, for example, has mirrored walls on the outside that reflect the trees growing around. The other is stylized as a bird’s nest. The houses are connected by rope ladders and suspension bridges. And at night, the northern lights play in the sky.

By the way, these mirrors are designed in such a way that birds do not perceive them in the same way as ordinary mirrors. And, accordingly, do not fight about them …

Castle Cottage, England

In a wonderful chestnut tree, on the edge of a peaceful forest near Fittleworth in West Sussex, a spacious and most pleasant room awaits us. A double bed arranged between two massive branches plus a shower room with a glass ceiling and a large balcony with rocking chairs.

Inkaterra Canopy Treehouse, Peru

Guests climb a fairly long staircase with a rope railing and finally find themselves in an absolutely luxurious tree house, almost 30 meters above the ground, in the thick of the Amazon Rainforest, not far from Puerto Maldonado.

The suite opened in August 2010, double, with a butler (aka butler) serving dinner and serving you any drinks you want … But the main feature, of course, is that you get not only a comfortable housing and excellent service, but also in addition – an incomparably cool observation point from which all the birds and animals in the area will be visible to you at a glance.

Costa Rica Treehouse, Costa Rica

Not quite up in a tree, but very much among the trees… Just 150 meters from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The lodge is made from fallen trees, which is certainly a very eco-friendly solution. Watch the video to appreciate all the delights of these places:

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma, Zambia

This is also a rather compromise (in the sense that it is not quite right on the tree) option, but it is luxurious and good in African style. 12 air-conditioned villas built under the shade of ebony and linked by wooden paths. And all this in the heart of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, not far from the Victoria Falls.

Cedar Creek Treehouse, USA

Perched about 20 meters high, in the branches of a 200-year-old red Canadian cedar near Mount Rainier (National Park in Washington state), this tree house goes hand in hand with absolutely fabulous views of forests and mountains. Everything here is powered by solar panels. And you can swim and fish for trout all day long. Or bird watching.

That, probably, is all – more or less worthy of such forest places. Well, here’s a restaurant on a tree as a bonus. Yellow Tree House near Auckland.

But that, as they say, is another story…

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