Tourist in Bucharest: the Pantelimon neighborhood seen from above

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I love being a tourist in Bucharest, because I always have something new to explore and discover. Recently, I went to Pantelimon to visit the Water Tower in the courtyard of the former Romanian Post Textile Factory. This tower has become a tourist attraction thanks to the efforts of the Make a Point Association, which is based on the ground floor of the former factory.

The water tower in the Pantelimon district, Bucharest

Tourist in Bucharest: the Pantelimon district at night.

The last project of the association is called Giants of Pantelimon. From the event statement:

“Three years after the completion of one of the organization’s most important projects (the conversion of the Water Tower from the courtyard of the Romanian Post Office into an Art Tower), Make a Point proposes, for the first time in Romania, an international project of art and life at height – Giants of Pantelimon.

The residents of the neighborhood have told their stories, and from here on, local and international artists will climb their roofs. The public will meet them again, this time in the interpretation of the artists, and will be able to admire them from the tower, balcony or other secret alcoves, le will photograph, post, comment.

The event wants to take seriously street art, urban culture and the role they can play in transforming cities, just as they deserve. By bringing together residents and artists, we aspire to create a laboratory for grassroots urban development.

A giant sleeping Pantelimon. This enormous work on a roof can only be seen from a drone – not even from the height of the tower.

So, we went to Pantelimon where we climbed the Water Tower for the first time and saw from above the drawings on the roofs made by various artists.

An art exhibition on the roofs, visible only from above, is indeed an original and welcome idea in the Pantelimon district.

Drawing on the roof in Pantelimon, in the courtyard of the former Romanian Post Office.

I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Make a Point, rich in conversations that I had with all kinds of people, many of them residents of the Pantelimon district who were visiting the Water Tower for the first time, just like me.

We saw a fabulous sunset from the tower and once smelled warm bread, fresh from the oven, coming from a local bakery. After leisurely admiring the drawings and descending from the tower, we immediately sought out the bakery, bought bread and ate it empty. Ha, ha, ha, empty bread in Pantelimon.

Sunset in Pantelimon.

Panteleimon is partying!

My favorite works

The visual and olfactory sensations I experienced in the tower were brilliant. Later, when evening fell, auditory sensations also came into play: a dance and music performance took place in the tower, which I watched from the tower stairs, looking through its small windows.

UPDATE October 16, 2017: the Giants of Pantelimon event has ended, but the Water Tower can still be visited, by appointment. Details on the Make a Point Association website.

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You can see more photos below:

The water tower of Pantelimon seen at night.

In Pantelimon, people sit and relax on rooftops.

Inside the water tower.

When evening falls over Bucharest.

Is the cold coming soon?

Pantelimon greets you.

Look at the bread I was telling you about.

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