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Tokyo this is a completely insane, inhuman place. Aliens live there, who treat the white man only as a strange suspicious beast (although they very diligently pretend that this is not so). But at the same time, it is a very special city where you can experience something that you cannot experience anywhere else: your own rhythm against the backdrop of the noise of a big city. From my own experience, I now know what it takes. Need to settle in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. It is from here, from above, that Tokyo appears to be the very anthill that it really is (although this is not so obvious when you are on its streets, among the “ants”).

From my suite opened a view of tokyo bay – an ultra-modern area of ​​​​skyscrapers. And I understood that these skyscrapers were only the work of human hands … As was the unthinkable comfort that surrounded me. Warm calm tones, subdued light, precise shapes, Japanese minimalism, brought to perfection. You are surrounded there by such objects, each touch to which helps to feel inner peace and harmony. Do you take a marble bath, relax in an armchair, watching the clouds silently floating above the skyscrapers immersed in twilight, which are about to start to light up and flicker with thousands of lights … Or you just lie on the bed.


In short, the designers behind Tokyo Mandarin did their best to create the perfect design. One in which, in fact, you no longer notice the design, but you notice yourself. As the poet Thomas Eliot said, the process of creation is the process of constantly removing the character and personality of the artist from his work. At least in the suite where I stayed (Oriental Suite) is exactly the case.

The main thing, of course, is the window. All over the wall. And no huge plasma (and the TV here is very good, believe me: it’s Tokyo!) is not able to compete with those plots that are shown in the window … It seems that he has fallen into the distant future.

I don’t know if it’s worth dwelling on such pleasant, but natural little things as the heated floor in the bathroom – all this, of course, is there. Everything you can wish for. And what can not be desired – too. For example, do not be surprised at the courtesy of strikingly beautiful Japanese women walking around in sexually mysterious kimonos … If you ask them for something, say, at the reception, they will show such obsequious courtesy that you will once again understand: this is not America and not Russia. This Japan!

oriental lounge

Tokyo. Summary.

Where to stay: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo – rating 5.
Four Seasons Marounuchi – rating 4.
Where there is: La Tour d’Argent (there is French cuisine, my favorite. And there will be a separate review about Japanese) – rating 5.

tyo bar in Oriental

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