Three Michelin stars in the suburbs of Padua, or the Top Three

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I offer you my top three “delicious places” of Venetian cuisine …

Getting three Michelin stars at the age of 28 is not possible … But, as it turned out, it is possible! That’s how long the chef of the Le Calandre restaurant was in Rubano when he got his third star.

Massimiliano Alaimo

Massimiliano Alaimo (Restaurant Chef) says: “When preparing my masterpieces, I rely on such concepts as lightness, smoothness and depth of taste.” Therefore, do not be surprised when they bring you “cuttlefish cappuccino” or “tuna stuffed with caviar”. Or plain bread with tomatoes inside. And all this with sauces of white and black truffles. You begin to try and reveal the taste of the dish, very smoothly and gradually. Very tasty! Feel free to try everything.

The simplicity of the ingredients is striking, or rather their combination. I absolutely loved their signature dish, saffron liquorice risotto.

From desserts Massimiliano makes real masterpieces. What is a chocolate dessert served on a piece of wood. Eight different variations of delicious chocolate desserts…


Somewhat striking interior. Solid modern in a rather small room. No frills, all in dark gray tones, and very dark spotlights above each table. It feels like you’re the only one in the room. At first, this situation surprised me a little and even a little embarrassed. But soon the realization came that such light and dark colors in the interior surprisingly contribute to the concentration of attention on the process, that is, they greatly emphasize the taste of the dishes served. Nothing should distract from the process of enjoying the taste! – this is the mystery of such a design. No paintings on the walls, no view from the window, no people sitting next to each other at the next table, all this does not matter when you are dealing with gastronomic masterpieces. Only you and your taste sensations are important! And only sometimes, somehow silently and almost imperceptibly, a waiter appears from the darkness. (By the way, the service is top notch!)


* * *

The second place deservedly goes to the cafe-bistro Il Calandrino. The same Max Alaimo creates here, but, I would say, he creates with a greater share of humor and surrealism.

Fancy desserts, small biscuits, and, of course, the famous panettone muffins, the filling of which, by the way, changes every week. Real Italian Gelato – very, very tasty!


Oh yes: the cozy terrace is open during the summer, perfect for a delicious breakfast a la Italy. And not just breakfast…

* * *

And finally… If, walking in the heart of the old city, you are a little tired, and you don’t feel like going anywhere at all, and even more so, you didn’t take care of booking a table in one of the places that I described above, then this is your option. This is not about haute cuisine at all, but simply about my favorite and no less tasty place, Peppen Pizzeria Restaurant.


This soulful restaurant is located in one of the lanes of Padua. Everything is very simple here! The menu will not surprise you, but, what is very important, it will not upset you: here is classic Italian cuisine in “home-made”. A little from the menu: buratta cheese with Parma ham or with berry jam and fresh mint.

Turkey, veal, chicken, squid, octopus, bluefin tuna, various pastas and pizzas, risotto, homemade tortillas with the freshest cheeses of various varieties, and much, much more delicious and cooked with soul. Get ready for an emotional dinner among local connoisseurs of homemade Venetian cuisine!

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