The Ritz-Carlton welcomes the opening of the Statue of Liberty

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For the first time since the legendary September 11, the US government opens the Statue of Liberty to the public. From July 4, curious travelers will once again be able to climb up to her radiant crown. The Ritz Carlton Battery Park, which offers wonderful views of Freedom, decided to celebrate this event in its own way. The Liberty For All Special Offer lets you enjoy those iconic views of the hotel from your newly refurbished Harbor View Room. And as a bonus – a branded handmade chocolate bar in the shape of the Statue of Liberty and two ferry tickets to Liberty and Ellis Island.

However, even if you do not take advantage of this sweet offer, you can still celebrate the event – even now, looking into the Ritz restaurant 2 West, you can order their signature cocktail “The Libertini”, which in honor of the upcoming opening has become twice as large and – a surprise – at the very bottom, right in the depths of a sea-green martini, a lollipop awaits you – in the form of the same legendary sculpture …


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