The five best cities for theater lovers

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London and New York are famous cities for theater lovers. But there are other great venues worth visiting if you want to see a play. The best theater cities have a rich creative and artistic tradition, attracting diverse talents, writers and actors. If you want an original gift for a theater-loving man or woman, try a travel experience in one of these cities.

Here are five of the best cities for theater today:

1. Milan

Milan has a long tradition of theaters and plays. Its theaters and opera houses have witnessed the performances of countless artists, directors, musicians, dancers and opera singers over the centuries. This rich history lives on in one of Europe’s most cultured cities, as Milan annually hosts over 300 performances, both classical and modern.

2. Tokyo

The Japanese capital is no stranger to theatrical tradition, with stages and operas scattered around the city. Performances include international and local acts and sometimes a combination of Japanese music and visual effects. The local theatrical tradition offers viewers a unique experience.

3. Melbourne

The Australian city offers a wide variety of theater to suit different interests. Melbourne has a rich theater history with its Theater District where you’ll find some of the finest Victorian houses in the country. But the Victorian capital also offers a more contemporary experience with the Arts Precinct, a range of Melbourne’s galleries, performance venues and spaces.

4. New York

It is by far the theater capital of North America. New York City has something to satisfy every taste. With an unmatched number of plays offered each year, this city has something for everyone. Broadway alone has 41 theaters, playing classics, modern plays, and everything in between.

5. London

The British capital is one of the most famous theater cities in the world. With ‘Theatreland’ and The Globe, there will always be a choice for theater lovers in London. Not to mention, Regent’s Park hosts outdoor theater in the summer.

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