The first boutique hotel in Abrau-Dyurso will finally open in November of this year!

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Great news for lovers of domestic “champagne”. In principle, if there is sparkling wine in Russia that can somehow claim to be called champagne, it is, of course, Abrau-Durso. Although in general this is, of course, a mass market, but they have very good collectible aged wines with interesting bouquets. But until now, there were no really good hotels in Abrau-Dyurso (Krasnodar Territory) (neither in Durso, filled with not very high-level guest houses, nor even in Abrau, directly next to the sparkling wine factory), which would allow for interested lovers to spend a weekend of wine tastings and wine tastings, and have a good rest at the same time. Now such an opportunity, as I believe, will finally appear! Boris Titov, a shareholder of the Abrau-Durso champagne house, and the Cronwell Hotels & Resorts hotel chain are now busy creating several wine hotels! “The slogan of the new brand – “Tasteful Hotels” (hotels with taste) sets the bar high for service, exclusivity and taste,” said on Cronwell Hotels website.

Abrau-Dyurso factory tour

The first of the hotels should open this November, directly in Abrau, on the shores of the legendary lake. It will be a four-star boutique hotel with 40 rooms (SPA, which will include special champagne treatments, as well as a swimming pool, wine cellar, three restaurants, a cafe and a congress center). The hotel will be called “Grand Hotel Abrau-Durso”.

Grand Hotel Abrau-Durso by Cronwell

In Abrau, one more hotel with 150 rooms and a spa hotel with 100 rooms will be built.

It is also expected that wine hotels Boris Titov and Cronwell Hotels will open near Tula and on Klyazma. But this, I think, is not as interesting as the discovery – finally – of acceptable places to live in Abrau. After all, besides wines, it is also quite beautiful there, the place is distinguished by strong energy – the lake surrounded by vineyards seems to exude some kind of magical currents … By the way, Putin also likes to run into this place, and for good reason … So Boris can be congratulated on a competent investment! And with dedication!

Lake Abrau

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