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It makes no sense to argue that Rome is one of the most attractive places on the planet. But there is, I dare say, a place even more attractive than Rome. Namely: near Rome. When you have already walked the Eternal City up and down, visited everywhere you can and where you can’t (and, of course, where you need to), memorized the assortment of all the most nectar, as the Hare Krishnas say, places, and you have already completed all the various urgent and necessary purchases, then you already want to relax a little. Nevertheless, whatever one may say, Rome is a big city and quite vain in its other forms. So. You get behind the wheel and drive. No more than 45 minutes from Rome…

And you come to a beautiful garden, truly majestic and royal, stuffed with all possible and incredible aromas and flowers. And here it is in front of you: a red-brown palace on the shores of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. This is the hotel La Posta Vecchia (Relais&Chateaux). The building was built in 1640, on ancient antique ruins.

And as soon as you see this unforgettable palace, counting its origin almost from ancient times, you immediately understand why the multibillionaire Paul Getty so passionately wanted to make it his property.

La Posta Vecchia Hotel

Having acquired both the palace and all its contents (that is, many works of art), Getty set out to turn it all into a temple of art and live the life, if not of an artist, then at least of a person for whom art is home. The result is a completely unique combination of historic real estate, stunning location, fabulous garden, pre-Christian aesthetics and philanthropic spirit. And now this result in all its grandeur is quite accessible to the public, because a hotel operates here. Compact and very pleasant luxury hotel.

La Posta Vecchia

What are my personal impressions? I would say this: the four days that I spent here brought me into a state of complete euphoria. I felt like I was… a multi-billionaire… 19 rooms and spacious suites furnished with period furniture, a restaurant that has received a huge number of prestigious awards (including a Michelin guide), a small but very good spa, a pool overlooking the sea and a huge library … And, of course, there is a beach. All this seems to be concentrated in La Posta Vecchia on one goal: to give the guest the most complete pleasure from the time spent here. This can be compared to the feeling when, on a hot July day, thirsty, you suddenly get a glass of cold orange juice and the opportunity to spend several hours in a cool shade, admiring the magnificent landscapes.

If necessary, a personal fitness trainer will be ready to serve you, and, of course, there is always a prompt transfer and a bunch of excursions at your service. All this, however, of course, is pleasant and very necessary, but the main thing here is not this. And what is the main thing? – you ask. OK, as always in such cases, I start talking about some special atmosphere, about the spirit of the place. Yes, you know, there are places full of inexplicable charms. Something that makes your heart beat a little faster, that fills your whole being with poetry and meaning, as if some kind of immaterial, elusive soaring is felt in the air … And here is just such a case. Maybe because some special herbs grow in the garden. Maybe because the architects who designed this building in ancient times knew some special geometric secrets that allow them to influence the human body … Maybe. But the fact remains: I began to understand Paul Getty very well, who at one time fell in love with this place without memory.

We need to add a few words about how they feed at the local restaurant The Ceasar. The word is not difficult to find: amazing. Foie gras is beyond praise, handmade ravioli melt in your mouth like a gentle Sunday morning. In general, very tasty and varied cuisine. Mediterranean mostly.

The service is quite good. You will not be persistently licked here and in every possible way put you in an awkward position, but everything will happen on time and to the place.

In a word, justifiably expensive and pleasant place. Recommend.

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