The best hotels in the Caribbean. Blessed Antigua

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Let’s talk about Antigua. We are talking about two very nice hotels.

The first one is Carlisle Bay. Stands by the canonically beautiful tropical beach. A place filled with the spirit of calm and harmony.

Deep white sofas, elegant teak tables, calm cream and pale gray tones of the interior, which favorably emphasize natural colors (for example, the tonic pink of hibiscus and bougainvillea).

Carlisle Bay has two types of rooms. The first is “Ocean Suite” (ocean view). The second is “Beach Suite” (view of the beach). In my opinion, the first option is much more interesting, so I lived there, on the third floor. Living room, bedroom, balcony (on which there is a table for romantic meals and a deck chair for laziness). Wireless internet, satellite TV, DVD/CD players, espresso machines.

Carlisle Bay Hotel, Caribbean

The food at the hotel is also very good! Two restaurants (one regular, the other a la carte). The kitchen is different. There are dishes with Italian elements (for example, fettuccine with shrimp stew and basil). There is a local one (fried halibut with Jamaican pickles). And there is also Asian (Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese).

But, of course, the main thing that can be done in Carlisle Bay, that’s … that’s right – wallow on the beach! Sunbathing, swimming and just lying down, covering your face with a book or magazine and listening to how this sea rustles with its prehistoric proto-language at your feet. It rustles here quietly, lovingly, there are practically no waves, because after all it is a bay.

And make no mistake: just the movement of your eyebrows will be enough for a helpful beauty to run up to you with fresh towels, cooling bandages, bottles of mineral water with ice or a dish of thinly sliced ​​mangoes, melons and pineapples. Here, in general, special attention is paid to ensuring that the guest is finally happy, and that all his desires are warned and fulfilled before he himself has time to realize them. This applies to the maids who clean your suite, and the waiters, and the masseuses in the spa, and managers.

And one more Antigua hotel is worthy of our attention, this Jumby Bay, which is on a private island, fifteen minutes from the main island by boat. The category “Oceanview Courtyard Suite”, in one of the suites I stayed in (room 20), is a very chocolatey option. Great view, privacy, silence, verandas (again with sea views)…

jumBy Bay Hotel, Caribbean

Rattan furniture in pastel colors, bathrooms with access to an enclosed garden with shower…

The main restaurant serves continental and Mediterranean cuisine. Very tasty. True, there is one problem: the menu contains much more offers than you can actually get. I was a little disappointed a couple of times… However, this is compensated by a very prompt service.

jumBy Bay Hotel, Caribbean

There is another restaurant – “Verandah”, very close to the beach. Caribbean and European cuisine.

The spa center there seemed to have recently opened after all (when I was there, it wasn’t there yet, but the massage was done on demand right in the suite).

And again, a labyrinth of well-groomed paths, which, like a cobweb, envelops the entire territory of the hotel. There are many exotic birds on the trees, every now and then shouting to each other in the most bizarre ways.

There are only two serious shortcomings on the island. First, it is too close to Antigua International Airport. Too close. Sometimes you can hear planes. Well, on the main beach there is some kind of trouble with seaweed. There are so many of them that it seems that the problem can no longer be solved and this makes swimming here not very comfortable. However, with all this, Jumby Bay has many loyal fans.

The verdict is this: if you are faced with a choice of which of the two described hotels to book, feel free to stop at Carlisle Bay. It’s better there.

jumBy Bay Hotel, Caribbean

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