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I am often asked Where is the best place to live in Lisbon?. Recently, I myself puzzled myself with the question: in fact, what hotel in Lisbon can be considered the best? Bairro Alto Hotel? Good, but something is missing… Or maybe Pestana Palace? No, it’s only a last resort. Perhaps, after all, my choice in Lisbon is Lapa Palace. The place is eminently worthy and, in my modest taste, extremely charming.

The hotel belongs to the famous group Orient Express and cultivates the same lifestyle that we are used to: everything here is not just chic, but aristocratically chic… The atmosphere of Lapa and its territory pacifies from the first seconds: you find yourself among green gardens, trees and a 13th-century mansion sounds like a chord. All this, moreover, is on a hill, one of the seven on which the city is built.

There has always been a platform for the pleasures of the rich and powerful of this world (more precisely, before – for the Lisbon nobility, and now really – the whole world). In addition to the main building, two more annexes adjoin the hotel, in which suites are arranged, made in the manner of separate villas. I will especially note the materials used in the decoration: precious woods, gold, multi-colored marble, in the bathrooms – classic Portuguese Azulejo tileswhich lined the whole picture.

But once again about the garden: it is huge, and in the very center of it there was a pleasant terrace with aquariums, fountains and a pool, over which sprawling coconut palms leaned like willows. And a path winds around, which is nice to walk before dinner, while serving your table. Well, for lunch here, since I started talking about it, there will certainly be traditional Italian-Venetian cuisine – a hotel restaurant Ristorante Hotel Cipriani able, in my opinion, to justify the highest gastronomic hopes… A chef named Giorgio, with whom I became friends, once even prepared an author’s pasta especially for me, which, as he claimed, beats his attitude towards Russia. Of course, the dominant in it were … white mushrooms.

Suites deserve special praise. I lived in Suite Count of Valenças, on the fifth floor of the main palace. When I first entered the living room, I even closed my eyes: everything literally shone with wealth and comfort. Chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, tables, armchairs, a chest of drawers, a fireplace with handmade ornaments… Everything is soft pink and creamy, very cozy and warm… And this, for a moment, is the real 19th century! And from the balcony – a view of the city and the Tahoe River.


Despite the fact that silence and tranquility dominate in Lapa Palace, this palace is actually located very close to the center of Lisbon, two to three minutes walk from the main historical sights. Therefore, it is sometimes even called jokingly “city resort” …

The only possible inconvenience that you may encounter here (and even then only if you smoke): smoking is not allowed in the hotel premises. But you can go to the balcony for this purpose. There, in cool times, even heaters specially installed for this purpose work.

Deluxe Suite Queen Maria Pia - Deluxe Suite Bedroom

Deluxe Suite Luis de Camões - Deluxe Suite Living Room

Summary. Lisbon

Where to stay: Lapa Palace – rating 5.
Where there is: Ristorante Hotel Cipriani – rating 5
And another restaurantRecommended: Tavares Rico – rating 5.

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