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Barcelona Hotels – the subject is extensive. There are many good hotels in Barcelona. But it seems that only one of them offers the opportunity to swim in the pool and at the same time enjoy the very architecture. Gaudi, for which, in fact, most travelers come here. It’s about the hotel. Hotel Omm. You can actually swim there and look at the Sagrada Familia and Gaudí’s last completed work, Casa Mila, or “stone cave” (La Pedrera).

Hotel Omm, Barcelona hotels

I remember there was a lot of noise when this ultra-modern Barcelona hotel opened in 2002. Everyone was just talking about the never-before-seen combination of such trendy design and familiar good old comfort. Of course, now there are more advanced instances of this kind among hotels in Barcelonabut still, OMM remains, at least in Barcelona, ​​one of my favorites…

Firstly, it is in the center, and close to it, well, literally everywhere. And to the architectural charms, and to the main shopping places (for example, to Passaig de Gracia), and, which is also very important, right there – the best barcelona restaurant (uh, OK, one of the best!) – Moo (two Michelin stars).

And the rooms themselves in the hotel, with their decoration, make it possible to classify it as one of the best luxury hotels, if not in the world, then in Spain anyway. Rooms at the Hotel Omm are spacious and bright. Even, let’s say stronger, bright! Which, it should be noted, is a rather piquant contrast with the dim ghostly corridors. These rooms are close to flawless in terms of design. In principle, this is not surprising: the interiors were made by Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez, who, according to experts, are considered almost the best designers in Spain in this area.

Hotel Omm, Barcelona hotels

The design of the spa center is also on top here. It is called Spaciomm and was decorated with wood, steel, stone and silk.

Spaciomm spa, Barcelona hotels

I highly recommend taking the hot tub.

Spaciomm spa, Barcelona hotels

There is a very good bar at the hotel, as well as a nightclub Omm Sessions … I spent a very fun night there. And if it weren’t for my helpful amigo Juan, then I wouldn’t have missed one of those incredible erotic adventures with consequences that solitary travelers often expect in this glorious Catalan city … But that, as they say, is a completely different story.

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