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Today I will finish talking about Provence, and in particular, about where you can not only have a good rest, but also have a delicious and exquisite dinner. You just need to pay a little more attention to this region, because there are some of the most beautiful Provencal hotels that I did not mention in my last review, but without mentioning which, however, the list of the best hotels in Provence would be incomplete. Just a few words about each of them. And then we will go further from Provence, to the Riviera.

So, firstly, the Oustau de Baumaniere hotel in the village of Les Baux. Around – charismatically motionless white rocks and silence. The 15th century house has been turned into a cozy hotel with 14 rooms.

Queen Elizabeth, Jean Reno, Hugh Grant, Bono and Johnny Depp have stayed here. Agree, a worthy recommendation …

Then, of course, the hotel Le Bastide de Moustiers – the estate of the legendary classic of French cuisine Alain Ducasse.

Not far from here is the Grand Canyon Verdon, but in general it is clear why you will go here. Ducasse is Ducasse…

And, of course, Chateau du Domaine Saint-Martin, which is located in a very beautiful and, moreover, legendary place (there was a castle of the Knights Templar here in the 12th century and even some ruins have been preserved). Like many others mentioned in this and my previous reviews, this hotel is a member of the Relais & Chateaux association, but the important thing is that it has been there for a long time – since 1970.

The chef of Chateau du Domaine Saint-Martin, Yannick Francke, is the owner of two Michelin stars and a real magician. I have never tasted such beautifully decorated and at the same time delicious dishes anywhere else. Persian carpets and Flemish tapestries occupy a special place in the interiors. There is also a very good spa.

Well, with Provence sorted out. Now Riviera.

I should note that the Cote d’Azur is called azure for a reason: here the sea is really sky blue. And this blue is reflected in the sky – so that there is no doubt: the sea and the sky here are made of the same substance. The fashionable hotels of the French Riviera are either converted medieval castles, or palaces reminiscent of the pavilions of the Moscow Exhibition of Economic Achievements – just as pompous and majestic. And sometimes both at the same time. However, it’s all in moderation and very tasteful.

Between Nice and Monte Carlo there is a rock that excites the imagination, hanging over the Mediterranean Sea. Adjacent to the rock is a medieval fortress and the equally ancient village of Eze. Stunning sea views open from the cliff – to small islands scattered here and there not far from the coast, to the village and the fortress. And it is here that the romantic hotel Chateau Eza, located in the old castle, stands. Only 10 rooms, which in itself says a lot (initiates know: the fewer rooms in the hotel, the better it is, because the number of guests is inversely related to the quality of service). Once in this castle there was a personal residence of Prince William of Sweden, and he did not choose this place in vain, it is very beautiful here. The hotel has special wooden living rooms from where you can admire the surrounding panorama, as well as a very pleasant restaurant on a picturesque terrace.

Further. 20 minutes east of Nice, the Grand Hotel du Cap-ferrat is open, and now this is a real palace hotel, a little old-fashioned and exclusive and secluded. 14-acre park, nice views of the sea and Cap Ferrat proper (if you don’t know what it is, just google it, I will only note that this resort was once chosen by the likes of Somerset Maugham, Friedrich Nietzsche, Isadora Duncan and family Rothschilds).

A chic marble lobby, tropical gardens, shady terraces with sometimes (in winter) snow-covered pines, a little Russian. And, of course, the funicular that slides down the cliff to a giant salt water pool, and right there – an open-air bar and restaurant. In essence, these places cannot be described otherwise than by the phrase “aristocratic paradise.”

And for dessert – the hotel La Reserve de Beaulieu. For you to understand why I say “for sweets”, just take a look at his website and watch this video there on the very first page. From myself I will add: the place is excellent, cozy and friendly, around palm trees, the sea, calmness and gentle laziness. A light Florentine villa in pink tones, an unforgettable restaurant and, of course, views and more views. They are here almost everywhere, including from the pool filled with salt water. Beautiful place for beautiful people! Just like the rest of the French Riviera. Good luck, easy and beautiful travels to you!

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