The best French hotels on the “Road of the Sun”. Rating from LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru. Part 2: Lyon and its surroundings

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So let’s move on. Let me remind you that our path lies from Paris to the Cote d’Azur. Last time we safely virtually passed Burgundy. And here we are in Lyon. Where to sleep, eat and rest here? Let’s see!

1 Chateau de Bagnols


Yes, this is again a medieval castle. Converted into a hotel. And what a! Among the vineyards in the quiet countryside, in the province of Beaujolais. From Lyon – 45 minutes northwest. Incredibly beautiful fireplaces, priceless frescoes, antique tapestries in the living rooms and restaurant. And a huge swimming pool in the yard. The Chateau de Bagnols has 25 rooms. They fall into four categories, the most interesting of which I think is the Elegant Appartments. From entertainment, one can note walks in real horse-drawn carriages, a flight in a hot air balloon, as well as picnics in the nearby village wineries.

2 Cour des Lodges


Cour des Lodges is a very hospitable and very cleverly designed modern hotel with 60 rooms. Located in the heart of the legendary Lyon. The hotel is built on the basis of Renaissance buildings and has retained all their generic features, such as: vaulted galleries, courtyards, an atrium covered with a glass dome, terrace gardens. It is very pleasant to drink a cup of aromatic coffee in such a garden on a fresh morning. There is a chic bar with a piano, as well as several living rooms with fireplaces, left almost untouched from the old days. They look very rich. Les Loges restaurant is beyond praise, and a wonderful wine cellar boasts very rare wines. There is also an exclusive spa.

3. Villa Florentine

And finally, another wonderful hotel in Lyon. Villa Florentine. His forte is first of all the location, but the building itself did not let us down. Imagine the finest Italian style villa. From the windows of this villa you can see the Old Town, including the ingenious Cathedral of St. John. High vaulted living rooms, a delicious restaurant, and a great pool. In the photo at the beginning of this post, you can see this pool, as well as the view of Lyon, which opens from the hotel. And now the pool close up.

That’s all about Lyon. Well, now – “we’ll drop by” in Provence.

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