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Today we will talk about three American boutique hotels. Among the best hotels – perhaps not only the United States, but the whole world. At least in some respects. Let me remind you that in September of this year, an agreement between Russia and the United States on facilitating the visa regime between our countries came into force, in connection with which the citizens of the Russian Federation who want to get to know America better have a reason to travel more often to this very interesting and capable of giving a lot of impressions country . After all, Russians now have the opportunity to obtain multiple-entry visas valid for 3 years, and without any invitation. So – there is a chance to dive headlong into this other planet called the USA.

I must say that the American luxury-style is very different from the European one, for example, which we talked about in the last post. And the difference lies in the realm of taste. Of course, I can’t call tasteless the way most US boutique hotels are done, but it’s more likely to be true: some bourgeois pretentiousness is present in the interior design, some kind of slightly comical attempt to combine visible wealth with patriarchal rural ideas about comfort. Sometimes it turns out to be pleasant and really cozy, sometimes it’s funny, but nothing more, and sometimes you don’t even want to look at all these quilted bedspreads, upholstered furniture covered with huge bright flowers, and curtains with a bunch of twisted folds.

One of the few truly tasteful American boutique hotels is Casa Palmero on Pebble Beach, California.

This is one of those rare places where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. From a wastebasket that sits exactly where you’d expect to find it, to the shadows on the wall cast by a simple yet stylish floor lamp shade set next to simple but very comfortable straw chairs. There are flower beds and lawns everywhere on the street (you can feel the skill of the landscape designer who worked here), from the restaurant there is a view of the navigable canal. I especially recommend some rooms – namely those that have access to patios, with small spa pools.

The main building of the hotel has a very nice living room, as well as a library, a bar lounge and a heated swimming pool. Oh, and one more thing: if you can’t imagine life without golf, then you won’t find a better place in all of California.

And now – America in all its glory. One of the most picturesque places in the American hinterland, Greenville, Maine. The Lodge at Moosehead Lake. The serenity reigning here is largely inspired by the untouched nature of the Northern Forests.

A wonderful panorama of Moosehead Lake, wild elk and other animals walking in the surrounding forest – everything here is conducive to a leisurely contemplative pastime. Or to hunt. There are reminders of hunting and fishing in the hotel in almost every room – deer antlers, kayak oars, nets, fishing rods catch your eye here and there. And although everything in the interiors is decided quite ascetically, at the same time, the feeling of chic does not leave the guest for a minute.

I would especially recommend the Katadin Suite. An oversized bed with a mahogany headboard, a wall designed in the style of a deliberately unevenly hewn log house, a warm fireplace, a separate spa space for two, a private patio.

If you go in winter, you should go skiing or dog-hounding. Or snowmobile scooters. But, of course, the most beautiful time here is autumn, when everything around is full of colorful colors.

And finally we will move to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Another extremely cute and purely American hotel is called The Inn of the Five Graces. With the Relais&Chateaux label of quality, it stands out from the other two hotels in this review with its unmistakable southern flair. The heavy luxury of ancient palaces gives off the interiors of these buildings, which occupied a good half of the quietest street of this legendary colonial Spanish city. Five minutes walk from here – the historic center, Plaza Santa Fe.

All 22 suites of the hotel have the softest featherbeds, live fireplaces, as well as excellent bathrooms and separate kitchens. The hotel has a very attentive and helpful staff and if you want something like a guide to take you around the city, just talk to one of the hotel employees and they will arrange everything.

If I were you, if you are going to the States just like that, on vacation, I would visit all three of the hotels listed. It really is worth it. Checked.

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