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From 2 to 6 August 2012 the annual Boat Show will take place in Sydney. If you are flying specifically for this event, or maybe you are just going to this city now, but do not yet know where you will stop and eat there (good word!), Then I hope this review will help you figure out what’s what and choose the best for you.

I’ll start from afar. When was the last time I was in Sydney, a funny story happened to me. Imagine my astonishment: I arrive at the pre-booked Observatory Hotel (since then it has been my favorite place in Sydney), I go up to the reception desk, I declare that there should be a room for Ryabushinsky (that is, for me), and in response to me: “We apologize, but Mr. Ryabushinsky has already arrived an hour ago!” At first I couldn’t believe my ears, I thought they were playing a trick on me … I show my passport, and then it turns out that that Ryabushinsky’s name is Peter. So I finally met my legendary relative… I knew that I have an uncle who has been living in Melbourne for several years, but I completely forgot about it… And it so happened that we stayed with him at the same time in the same Sydney hotel.

But let’s get right back to Observatory Hotel. I really love here stop. Appreciated in Observatory Hotel deserves everything: the location (in the Rocks area, probably the most remarkable area of ​​​​the city), and the rooms, immersing in the unique atmosphere of the Victorian era, and the balconies in these rooms – with brilliant views of the city … In short, a real orient-express.

Observatory Hotel, one of the suites

Even if I decided to limit myself to listing all the advantages of rooms only, I could not stop, but there are a couple more points that need to be mentioned. The first is the spa, one of the best in Australia. And the second (and most important) is the pool. If you have ever swum at night, under a clear and clear sky strewn with twinkling stars, then the memory of this may help you remotely imagine what I felt swimming in the pool of the Observatory Hotel. But only remotely. Because only the ceiling of the pool is strewn with stars, and around … However, see for yourself:

Observatory Hotel in Sydney, the same pool after which the hotel is named

Another super theme of this hotel is Galileo restaurant. French cuisine, but chef – Japanese, Masahiko Yomoda, Michelin laureate… The atmosphere is very respectable, salon… What to order? If the question arises in this way, then I recommend a tasting lunch for the first time, and then you will figure it out.

Another restaurant that is shown to be a must visit for everyone who finds himself at least for a day in SydneyTetsuya. This is something extraordinary. Tetsuya is the person who runs everything here. Tetsuya Wakuda is his full name, and you’re right, he’s also Japanese. And not just a Japanese, but just some kind of culinary god. The way he combines Japanese and French cuisine in his performance makes you think of him as a brilliant medieval alchemist who reached out to heaven and got the secret of the gastronomic philosopher’s stone at his disposal. Or like a Zen sage, at least.

Tetsuya Restaurant Chef - Tetsuya Wakado

You need to reserve a table at Tetsuya’s in advance. So if you want to try it, then go to the restaurant’s website right now.

V Sydney there are several other very good restaurants, I will now list all of them in order of importance, but I will not write any more details, because now there is really not enough time for this. So, the first two places are already occupied by me above, and then ranking of the best restaurants in sydney in my view it looks like this:

Rockpool is not a restaurant, but a whole philosophy of modern Australian cuisine.

rockpool fish by earl carter

rockpool restaurant in sydney, fish!

flying fish – as you understand, this is a fish restaurant. Seafood is the best here. Checked over and over again.

longrain. Diverse Asian cuisine. Delicious, but not for everyone.

The Republic. Pretty modest, but still a good place. A combination of Mediterranean and Australian cuisines…

wasavie– Japanese cuisine at its best.

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