Sri Lanka: from the Ramayana to the present day

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Sri Lanka means “blessed land” in Sanskrit. This paradise island silently preserves the history of the Ramayana, the most famous Hindu epic of 5000 years ago, the main events of which unfolded on this island. That is why groups of tourists from neighboring India often come to Ceylon to see with their own eyes the places where the feet of the god Rama once set foot, who came here to rescue his wife Sita, who was kidnapped by King Ravanna. By the way, it was after Rama left Lanka that she became Sri, i.e. Blessed…

The first association with Sri Lanka is Kipling. Traveling through this land is like leafing through the pages of his books. Neat clean houses, in cozy courtyards of which coconut and banana palms grow and brave Riki-Tiki-Tavi mongooses live, ready to fight with Naga and Nagaya. Beautiful natives in bright sarongs climb palm trees, tying their legs with a coconut rope, and then deftly wield a machete, turning a coconut shell into a funny monkey. They are smiling all the time: Sri Lankan women in beautiful saris with red flowers behind their ears, old women in white skirts heading to the temple with a cup filled with jasmine flowers, kids looking at your skin color and laughing gleefully, you should wave your hand to them.

Sri Lanka

You can and should have a rest in Sri Lanka in different parts of the island, because the climate and landscapes are strikingly different from each other depending on the chosen location. In this article I will talk about the central part of the island and the Jetwing hotel chain.

Jetwing Kaduruketha, Wellawaya, Sri Lanka

Jetwing Kaduruketha is the newest eco-friendly hotel in Wellawaya. Exuding rural charm and stylish simplicity, the eco-resort is set in a peaceful village environment and is a Sri Lankan pastoral. Twenty-five bungalows on 60 acres. Ideal for people who are tired of the noise of the city, as well as for creative people – writers and artists who want to write from nature. Bungalows with translucent walls, through which nature seems to enter you, are located in the middle of the jungle and rice fields and organically fit into the surrounding landscape. When I had breakfast in a restaurant, I often watched farmers harvest rice, and white birds circled above them, picking up either grain or insects alarmed by the farmers. Every now and then the tails of peacocks are folded and opened with fans. For hours I sat by the pool or on the terrace of my bungalow and just watched the nature around … And nothing seems to be happening, but everything seems to be happening …

Jetwing Kaduruketha, Wellawaya, Sri Lanka

Observation of the cultivation of the land and the harvest is one of the fashionable “chips” of the hotel. The fruits of the harvest of local farmers, of course, are used in the preparation of dishes of a restaurant specializing in national cuisine (however, European dishes are also served there).

Jetwing Kaduruketha, Wellawaya, Sri Lanka

Jetwing Kaduruketha, Wellawaya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

You can also go on an excursion to the nearby town of Ella, where some of the events of the Ramayana unfolded: visit the waterfall and Ravana cave, and climb the mountain called “Little Adam’s Peak”. The “Big” Adam’s Peak – the holy mountain with a height of 2243 meters, where, according to legend, Adam’s foot stepped after he was expelled from paradise and where thousands of Sri Lankans make a pilgrimage every day, is located near Nuwara Eliya, where we go to get acquainted with Jetwing St. Andrew is a colonial hotel in the best English traditions, with cozy rooms, billiard and fireplace rooms, a tea veranda and a library.

The Ella-Nuwara Eliya route is one of the most scenic. The landscape outside the window is changing all the time, and the tea plantations, neatly lined with stripes of tea bushes, appear in all their glory, pierced by pine trees, as if pulling these hills into the sky in a slender perpendicular. The city of Nuwara Eliya is called English Sri Lanka. At one time, it was the British who started the tradition of coming here to escape the heat.
A city in the middle of hills, on which colorful colonial-style villas are neatly planted. It is very humid here and it rains almost every day, which, of course, also resembles foggy Albion in terms of climate. Nuwara Eliya, due to its humidity, favors any vegetation, and therefore there are a lot of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Sri Lanka

The St.Andrew Hotel is surrounded by a luxurious garden, where a naturalist will take an entertaining walk. In the garden it is easy to feel like Alice, who found herself in the Looking Glass. Just about – and gardeners will start repainting white roses red. In the meantime, they cut the bushes, giving them bizarre shapes: here is a herd of elephants, but the fisherman is catching fish, swaying in his boat …. Well, in the evenings, a special adventure is offered here – watching frogs. The naturalist, armed with a couple of special lanterns, leads lovers to look into the beautiful eyes of local tree frogs to the backyard of the hotel, where flowers called angel trumpets are fragrant, and frogs give a nightly “quaw” concert.

The hotel itself resembles a doll’s house, where the traditions of the English five-o-clock are sacred: they are treated to tea with milk and fresh cinnamon rolls on the tea veranda. A special tea menu has been developed for her, including strawberry. In the hotel restaurant you can also order from the a la carte menu, but the variety of the buffet captivates even the most sophisticated gourmets: a corner of Asian cuisine, meat and fish dishes, homemade pastries and marmalade, fresh juices, Ayurvedic cuisine, etc. Wine list compiled by a sommelier restaurant, replete with offers from all the “wine” countries of the world, including vintage ones. The hotel organizes tea plantation tours, horse riding and boating on Gregory Lake, golfing at Nuwara Eliya’s oldest golf club. The ideology of the hotel – as well as the entire Jetwing hotel chain – is an environmentally friendly and respectful attitude to the environment, and therefore various eco-systems for heating, water supply, waste disposal, etc. are used here.

Gem Suite

Old Course Restaurant

It is enough to spend a couple of days in Nuwara Eliya – walk around the city, go to a variety of temples – from Catholic to Buddhist, go to the old cemetery where Sir Thomas Williams Rogers is buried, famous for killing 1400 elephants, and he was killed by lightning , which every year hits his already cracked grave; go to a tea plantation; take a walk in Victoria Park, go to the temple of Sita and the Hakgala botanical garden, where, according to legend, King Ravana hid the kidnapped Sita; and send postcards to friends from the oldest post office building…

Colored postcards will remind you of the bright moments of Sri Lanka – the memories collected during this visit to Ceylon will flash before your eyes. Sri Lanka cannot be eaten with large spoons. Sri Lanka is to be savored. Stringing every day on the island like a precious bead on a thread of memory, in order to someday wear a priceless and incredibly beautiful necklace around the neck … Surely, the same beautiful one that Sita gave to her faithful friend Hanuman 5000 years ago – as a token of gratitude for helping Rama to rescue her from the captivity of Ravana …

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