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Today I will tell you about Spain, one of my favorite countries. The country of eternal spring, eternal culture and eternal joy. Spain has literally everything. And not just everything, but all the best. Nightlife, shopping, climate, passion (think bullfights and Don Juan), beauty, sincerity.


If you like to admire architectural sights, what is Barcelona alone worth, which, with the light hand of the entertaining celestial Gaudi i Cornet, has become an architectural paradise. If you need museums, then this, of course, is Madrid with its “triangle of arts”, that is, three museums – Thyssen-Bornemisza, Reina Sofia and Prado. Where else to watch classical Spanish painting, if not there? And if you want something more modern, then welcome to the Basque Country, where the futuristic Guggenheim Museum has been operating in the port of Bilbao since 1997.

If you love nature, then the Canary Islands and Andalusia are at your service. In the latter, I highly recommend living in the Hacienda de San Rafael estate in the vicinity of Seville. This is a hotel with 11 rooms where you can truly relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and amazing comfort.

Hacienda de San Rafael

Hacienda de San Rafael

However, for me, the most important thing in Spain is, other things being equal, the gastronomic component. And especially the restaurants of Madrid. I will say a few words about them separately. I think I already mentioned in this blog that Spain is the birthplace of molecular cuisine, the unsurpassed Ferran Adria should be mentioned in this post too! However, traditional Spanish restaurants are very good!


First, go to the Santceloni restaurant in the Hesperia Madrid hotel. The chef here is Santi Santamaria, a three-star Michelin guide. Along with Ferran Adria and Juan Maria Arzak, he is one of the best chefs in Spain. It would seem that the most simple and simply fresh products are used here, but in some incomprehensible way each of them plays such a note, such a tone that everything together turns out to be simply divine. I recommend poached eggs with Iranian black caviar and cauliflower puree. Or, say, a green salad with an apple, pine nuts and grated black truffles. Gorgeous and puff chocolate cake for dessert.


The second restaurant where you can have a great dinner in Madrid is, of course, Sobrino de Botin. By the way, it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. As the oldest restaurant in the world (working since 1725). They say that once Francisco Goya himself worked here, washing dishes. Well, Ernest Hemingway in “Fiesta” had a hand in creating the aura of this place.


Here and now everything is as of old. Low brick arches, appliances with wooden blocks, an oven at the entrance, in which they still cook the establishment’s signature dish – a baked suckling pig. Take it. Or even baked cod peppers, scrambled eggs with Burgos black pudding and fried potatoes. Or a partridge for a couple. Or baby eels. And be sure to have a bottle of good traditional Spanish wine.




And after that, you may understand, experience what real Spain is. Soak up her spirit. With his passions, risks, friendliness and warmth! Happily!

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Photo 2: J.Salmoral
Photo 3 and 4: Hacienda de San Rafael

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