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The journey began even before I ended up at PATINA HOTELS & RESORTS. A week before arriving at the hotel, I was contacted by a personal Essentialist (as Patina calls butlers) to ask me about my preferences, from the size of slippers and bathrobes to food restrictions, favorite drinks for the minibar, and to help with booking various services. You could, of course, do this in the Patina app, both before arrival and during your stay at the hotel. But I preferred human contact in the old fashioned way.

To be honest, it was this new flagship hotel of the Patina Hotels & Resorts brand that interested me in the Maldives, and to be more precise, its FLOW spa center with a collection of treatments and treatments based on the power of wildlife.

Traveling around the world, I try to stop and write about hotels that are aimed at the comprehensive improvement of a person at all levels, and also take care of environmental protection. Having familiarized myself with the FLOW SPA concept, I decided to introduce a new section – to talk about the most unusual and advanced spas in the world. Patina Maldives solemnly opens this rubric.

Upon arrival, I was waiting for a set with special vitamin mixtures to combat fatigue after a long flight and support the immune system in conditions of a sharp change in climate. Each of the Nourished sets has a specific effect: it improves skin tone, energy, improves sleep, promotes relaxation or concentration.

Crafted from local natural materials and surrounded by lush tropical greenery, FLOW Spa & Wellness at Patina Maldives spans 1,500 sqm. can be called a space of purity and sensual emotions. The founders have collected here the best therapeutic practices from around the world and combined with professional recommendations.

FLOW embodies a state-of-the-art sensory approach to holistic human well-being, and healing occurs through sound and touch based on evidence-based techniques.

Every wellness trip to Patina Maldives starts with a personalized consultation to gather information about lifestyle, habits, sleep habits, posture. A complex of spa programs that combines physical exercises, nutrition and biohacking with medical procedures is developed individually for each guest. Therapists in the field of sleep, nutritionists, as well as Reiki masters, watsu and posture specialists help to improve the body and mind.

Based on the belief that the well-being of the individual is inextricably linked to the well-being of the planet, Patina’s spa menu is a harmonious interplay of sustainable products with a collection of experiences, state-of-the-art technology and immersive treatments.

I was treated to a collection of highly effective facials as well as a variety of massages, delivered here in the six two-person spa suites, done with simple, clean lines in warm woods to immerse guests in a space of lulling serenity.

To achieve a more holistic treatment experience, FLOW Spa utilizes cutting-edge biohacking applications, which are an innovative way to improve the way you look and feel. IRIS’ innovative immersive technology triggers positive brain activation with sound, using an algorithm to distribute and increase the flow of sound wave information in the brain. This sound induces a state of active listening in the brain, which is also associated with the release of endorphins, described by psychologists as a “flow state”.

The cosmetic brands that are selected as partners share the same vision and philosophy of Patina “Oceans First”. All skin care and cleansing products at the resort, including cosmetics at the villas, are created by Haeckels from Margate, UK, which has developed The Indian Ocean Collection especially for Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. Along with Haeckels, the hotel features the OSEA line of innovative skin care products. Products are made using certified vegan, organic, bioavailable seaweed and pure, steam distilled and cold pressed essential oils. Cosmetics have the official status of environmentally neutral. This approach has allowed the brand to gain fans around the world.

And of course, proper nutrition is an integral part of the FLOW philosophy, as reflected in the menu of Roots, the resort’s signature restaurant, where all dishes are prepared exclusively from plant-based ingredients from their own permaculture garden.

Needless to say, even three days spent in Patina Maldives, Fari Islands are the most wonderful gift for body and soul. But in general, Patina, of course, deserves a couple more articles, and someday I will definitely tell you about other wonders of this amazing hotel.

In the meantime, I am left alone with the ocean in my villa on the water, watching the incredible beauty of sunrises and sunsets as a harmonious continuation of the space in which I am. And dive into the feeling that the ocean belongs to me and only me.

This is a feeling of a date with the elements and dissolution in it.
And, as Milan Kundera would probably say, the unbearable lightness of being. However, what is already there, quite bearable.

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