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In all our travels we always have certain objects-friends. There are those things that you couldn’t go on the road without or that bring you a kind of mental comfort, simply by knowing that you have them in your luggage. Well, some of those items are, for us, the merino wool and cotton clothes that we purchase from hiphip.ro online store. The store also has a small representative office in Bucharest, called Boutique Hip Hip, where you can go with your children to try on clothes, see them or feel their texture. The store is located on Erou Ion Călin street, no. 19, sector 2, and the schedule is as follows: Tuesday/Wednesday – 4 – 8 p.m.; Thursday / Friday / Saturday: 10 – 14; Sunday / Monday: closed.

I will tell you from the beginning that these clothes are not cheap, but it is worth investing in them from time to time, because they have many advantages, which I will detail below.

Merino wool properties

  • It is a soft and fine material, not stingy, generally does not cause irritation or itching and can be worn all year round. With this very pleasant texture, merino wool can be worn directly on the skin, including by babies.
  • Merino fabric regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture. Thus, children who sweat profusely may sweat less or not at all. Our little girl, for example, sweats a lot in her sleep or during car rides. When wearing merino t-shirts or blouses you can clearly feel the difference, this material being a good thermal insulator that quickly removes sweat.
  • On the other hand, merino wool retains body heat for long periods when it’s cold without overheating! Thus, depending on the temperatures outside, it is recommended to wear merino clothes in various layers. The more layers, the more heat there will be. We usually use a thin merino blouse as a base layer for our little girl (when she was younger we used a bodysuit) and some wool tights or tights, over which we add various other items depending on how hot/cold it is we estimate it would be. You can count on the breathability of the material, even when the temperatures are low and the kids are dressed in multiple layers of wool (aka snuggled up). They will sweat much less than other materials, or not at all.
  • Merino clothes can also be worn in summer! It is a versatile material that allows the body to cool down when it is hot outside. The fact that it lends itself to wear in any season, I personally think is the coolest aspect about merino wool.
  • Merino wool is characterized by elasticity, so it can keep its shape for a long time, even after repeated washings. Some products are designed to adapt to different ages of the child (especially ManyMonths clothes).

Products tested and recommended by us

Since I discovered the hiphip.ro store, I’ve visited it every season. You will see, merino wool is “addictive” – ​​once you understand how it works, you begin to like it and get used to it by your children or yourself, and the temptation to purchase as many products as possible increases in direct proportion to the pleasure of wearing them.

Let me tell you what we liked and especially what kept “rolling”:

–Cosilana T-shirts – we had the striped ones and they have been one of the staples of our travels so far.

Cosilana on the beach 🙂

-Cosilana long-sleeved blouses – a “must have”, good anywhere, anytime. We had this model, the version with orange stripes. Our little girl wore it everywhere we traveled: in the summer, at the beach, on evening walks; all summer, in the mountains, at any part of the day; in winter, as one of the base layers; spring and fall was also perfect worn as is. With this blouse, I also went to the beaches of Asia – it worked very well there as well. The composition is merino wool and a little silk. I also used it a lot during sleep, to reduce the profuse sweating of the little girl.

Cosilana again, with long sleeves

–ManyMonths (MaM) doubled trousers – have been an important part of the winter wardrobe. I used them as layer no. 2, along with woolen socks, and on top of that Disana boiled woolen jumpsuit. They were not only worn in winter, but also in other seasons: in spring and autumn worn as such, or even in summer, when I was camping in the mountains or camping at festivals. As I said, certain ManyMonths products are designed so that they can be used during several ages of the child. For example, the MaM doubled trousers that I used last winter, folded down, will only be good this year, so the investment in them was really worth it!

–ManyMonths Wool Dress – is meant to be worn first as a long dress and then as a tunic. Our little girl is in the tunic stage :). A very comfortable, chic, soft, stretchy and easy-to-wear item of clothing.

Late autumn outfit consisting of MaM dress and MaM doubled trousers.

Careful! Collections change from season to season. Certain products (models, colors, etc.) may no longer be found, but the manufacturing principles remain the same.

Apart from children’s clothes made of merino wool, hiphip.ro also sells products made of other materials (eg: organic cotton, silk, bamboo) or some models of clothes for adults. Personally, I tested two things, which I recommend without any hesitation:

– Joha body top – a perfect first layer for winter, but I’ve also worn it successfully in summer when sleeping in a tent.

-MP Denmark merino wool and cotton tights, very good in the cold season. They are made of a material with a very pleasant texture that does not sting. Pay attention to the sizes, they can deceive you! For example, S and M are quite large (I have size M, at a height of 1.77m).

ManyMonths cotton blouse with detachable sleeves.

Care methods for merino products

These clothes are not washed with any detergent, but with special ones, which can also be purchased from the hiphip.ro website. You invest once and then it lasts for quite a long time. Proper maintenance of these products is vital for lasting durability!

Make sure you use the correct washing program for woolen products in the machine, with cold water, low spins and no wringing! Keep in mind that some woolen clothes are more delicate (eg: Cosilana), while others are specially treated for washing (eg: Joha, Papfar, Mikk-line, FUB, MP Denmark). If clothes are repeatedly subjected to friction, high spins or washing with regular detergent, then they will shrink, have holes or become loose, and you don’t want that!

I personally wash them less in the machine and more by hand, in warm to cold water, with special detergent, then squeeze them (rolled in a towel) and dry them only horizontally (laid on a towel). Do not make the mistake of squeezing them by twisting, just by hand, or brushing / rubbing them intensely, because the material will suffer.

I removed the stains with the help of a special soap, by gentle pressure – read carefully and apply the instructions for use!

As we have already said, wool has antibacterial properties that neutralize unpleasant odors, but also self-cleaning properties, in that the outer surface of the fiber pushes dust particles and thus they are removed from the surface of the material. That is why, after wearing, it is recommended to ventilate the woolen products (eg: you can leave it outside overnight).

I recommend signing up in this Facebook group , from which you can learn various tips and tricks, which I have not detailed in this article, because I still do not have a good grasp of them (eg: treating wool with lanolin, keeping it in good conditions, etc.). At the same time, on this group there are exchanges or sales/purchases of clothes between parents, discounts, etc. Here you can always ask for advice and opinions. I recommend this group for a good familiarization with merino wool products. Through him I learned a lot and made good decisions about purchasing or maintaining clothes.

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