Rome in 2 days. What to see and what to try

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We were in Rome for 2 days, so I want to give you ideas about how how to spend a weekend in the capital of Italy.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Italy or, conversely, learn how to organize your own trips, then you are here

Day 1

So, the first day. Where to start the inspection?

Of course, with colosseum!

The structure, built almost 2000 years, attracts millions of tourists every year.

If you travel to the Colosseum by metro, then something incredible awaits you – the ancient amphitheater is located directly opposite the station exit. Leaving the metro at the Colosseum station, you immediately run into … the Colosseum. From such a surprise, you even get lost for a couple of seconds. I had a similar feeling when I got off the subway in London and buried myself in Big Ben.

The feeling you feel is extremely difficult to describe. Just imagine, all your life you see something only in pictures, and then suddenly before your eyes this something appears in reality. That is, you do not approach him from afar, slowly starting to recognize individual details, but simply raise your eyes and bam, that’s it.

If you are going to go inside, then I advise buy tickets in advance There are a lot of people who want to visit the Colosseum at any time of the year. And we admired all this beauty and moved on.

Going all the way and across around the Colosseum and taking a few (several dozen?) Photos of the amphitheater and Arches of Constantinewe went further along Via dei Fori Imperiale, marveling at the ruins of Roman Forumthen Forum Nervathen forum of augustthen Forum of Trajanthen Forum Yuri.

All of these attractions are located on hill Palatine – the oldest and most anciently inhabited of the seven hills of Rome.

According to legend, it was here that Romulus and Remus were fed by a she-wolf and raised by Faustulus, here Romulus founded the city.

By the way, if you turn off Via dei Fori Imperiale onto Via di San Pietro in Carcere, you will exit exactly to the Capitoline Museum, at the entrance to which there is a bronze statue of the same Capitoline she-wolf😉

I’ll dilute antiquity with a photograph of my happy self. Are you still following our itinerary? 😉

So slowly but surely you will reach Venice square and amazing Monument to Victor Emmanuel IImade of white marble.

Be sure to climb the stairs to the very top, you will not regret it.

The final point of our walk (almost 15 km per day) was an incredibly beautiful Trevi Fountain.

Just look at this beauty! Compared to many other attractions in Rome, Trevi is very young – only 18th century construction.

There is a belief that the person who threw a coin at him will come to Rome again. Two coins – a love meeting. Three – wedding (marriage). Four coins – wealth. Five coins – separation. The amount of money that annually “caught” by utilities, exceeds 1 million euros per year.

Day 2

What trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican? Did you know that it is quite possible to see the Pope of Rome?

On my first visit, I managed to get to the sermon of the Pope himself. Every Sundayif the affairs of the Catholic Church do not require the presence of the pontiff in any other place, the Pope delivers his weekly sermon to the faithful assembled for Piazza San Pietro in the Vatican.

And you can also send yourself a postcard from the Vatican 🙂 Well, or not yourself 🙂

Having walked quite a bit from the Vatican along Via della Conciliazione, you will get exactly to Castel Sant’Angelo.

Is it worth paying 18 and a half euros for an entrance ticket and going inside the Castle? My answer: definitely worth it! Just look at the view of Rome from there!

Another tip: visit the castle at sunset. The city in the red rays of the setting sun and the majestic silhouette of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican will not leave anyone indifferent. It’s just some kind of magic.

Remember, back in school we were told that in ancient times cities were built on the banks of rivers? Thanks to the ancestors for the fact that now we can take such incredible pictures. You can’t imagine how many people want to take a photo St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican with bridge Ponte Umberto I. And they can’t be blamed for that. Look at the postcard look.

And you will get to the bridge straight from Castel Sant’Angelo.

So, you went to the Vatican, climbed the tower of the Castel Sant’Angelo, took a gorgeous photo from the Ponte Umberto bridge – it’s time to take a walk to Piazza Navona.

Gaius Julius Caesar began to build up the square. As a result, today you can see 2 churches, 3 fountains, an obelisk, 8 palaces and 2 museums there 🙂

There is also the famous four rivers fountain the work of Bernini.

In general, a 100% must-visit of Rome.

Do you have any idea why in ancient times everything was so huge? Well, tell me, who needed such doors?

Pictured is the Roman Pantheon, built in 126 AD. e. Oh yes, the second question: how could they build SUCH at that time? I seem to have too many questions about our story.

In general, you understand where you need to go after Piazza Navona;)

And if you have the strength, take a walk to Spanish steps🙂

Wine Tour to Frascati from Rome

Just recently I told you about wineries on Cyprusand now I’ll tell you How can I go to a winery near Rome 🙂

If you are as restless and love to travel as we are, then you will even have time to visit one of the nearest wineries 🙂

Just half an hour by train from Rome, there is a small, eerily cozy town of Frascati. It was formed in the crater of a volcano and is the property of the Vatican. It was there that they invented special type of wine — Frascati. The peculiarity of this variety lies in the fact that the wine should be obtained in the most natural way – no watering, fertilizers and other things. Therefore, when the dry season is in Frascati, winemakers have a hard time.

How to organize such a trip? Easy. There are deals on airbnb, but we used @oldfrascati. Eventually for 55 euros per person we got a short tour of the city, transfer to the 16th century winery, a tour of it and wine cellars, tasting 3 types of local wines with appetizers in the form of real Italian pizza and, on top of that, lunch with wine.

There were only 6 people in the group, including us.

In general, I recommend.

Why I love Italy

So my story about Italy comes to an end. Well, where else can you eat an amazing gelato with a view of more than 2000 years of antiquity?

Highly recommend to visit Gelateria Cremeria Monteforte. This is definitely one of the best ice cream shops in Rome.

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