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“Rome and Food” is a big, ambiguous topic, full of unexpected twists and turns and strange discoveries. To begin with, some historians consider the eternal city to be the birthplace of haute cuisine (and not Paris at all). At the same time, there are few restaurants of fine cuisine in the classical sense of the term. One of them is famous La Pergolathat the last floor of the hotel Rome Cavalieri at Via Cadlolo 101.

Three Michelin stars. This restaurant, under the permanent leadership of the brilliant chef Heinz Beck, is a typical example of that magical explosion, when excellent cuisine, combined with excellent views (in this case, the dome of St. Peter and the roofs of the city) give a completely new quality. The cuisine is Italian and Mediterranean. Good ravioli with dill and anchovies. Yes, I almost forgot: here is the richest wine cellar of its kind (almost 55,000 bottles from 3,000 labels!), And for cigar lovers there is a separate smoking room with a very representative humidor. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Sundays. You need to reserve a table in advance. Dress code – strict (tie, jacket, etc.).

Generally, in Rome there is just an abyss of good restaurants. Mainly with Italian cuisine (since she, as you might guess, is the most popular in Rome). And here the most interesting begins. Instead of looking in Rome some chic gastronomic restaurantit is best, as my practice shows, to take a closer look at restaurants smaller and more modest. Yes, let’s forget for a moment the luxurious interiors, sparkling chandeliers and small portions of gourmet specialties. After all, we just want tasty – really tasty! – eat. And here I am – attention-attention! I’ll let you in on the mysteries of Roman gastronomic life: most of the best food in Rome is found in informal taverns, the city’s equivalents of Parisian bistros. Here is my own top 5:

one. Trattoria Monti (Via San Vito, 13/A). A place for friends with a cozy yellow room, attentive waiters and quite delicious dishes. Veal-stuffed olives, fried zucchini, homemade rigatoni with a light sauce of minced soft sausage are just some of the appetizers. I also recommend the Red Onion Tortini with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce.

by number one dana (

2. La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali (Via Madonna dei Monti 16). Friendly and simple place. Particularly pleasant is the small outdoor terrace. Rigatoni alla carbonara – that’s what you need to try here. This is such a pasta with an unforgettable sauce of eggs, parmesan and fried bacon. Polpettone is also served here – meat with ham, cheese and herbs. Plus fried zucchini with mint juice.

3. La Campana. The oldest restaurant in Rome… At least that’s how they position themselves. If you want to taste the most authentic Roman food, then I advise you to go here. Saltimbocca alla Romana is very good, that is, veal baked with sage and ham.

pasta... by umami (

4. Al Ceppo (Via Panama 2). Don’t ask anything, just order Tagliatelle carbonara and then you’ll understand everything… Well, be sure to take some kind of grill – lamb or veal, decide for yourself. Everything is delicious.

by nyaa_birdies_perch (

5. Palatium. Actually, it’s an enoteca. One of my favorites in Rome. And I always recommend it to anyone who loves good food and drink. The place was established by the government of the Lazio region for PR purposes. Try the broccoli bean soup here.

Plus, I want to mention a few nice establishments of a more democratic kind. Establishments with a mood where you can also eat tasty and pleasant. This is, first of all, Agata e Romeo – a small home restaurant with a Michelin star. Then El Toulaas well as a good wine-oriented place – Enoteca Capranica.

And finally, two more Roman restaurants, which, most likely, will not be allowed in jeans. On via dei Soldati there is a legendary building where Dante lived at different times, and Rabelais, and Goethe (there was a hotel here). Now there’s a restaurant Hostaria dell’Orso. Gualtiero Marchesi is the chef’s name. He has Michelin star and is excellent at cooking all sorts of delights, like scallops with ginger and foie gras with rhubarb jelly. And the second restaurant is Mirabelle — Delicious food, excellent service, nice audience. And also views of St. Peter, very beautiful!

Mirabelle Restaurant, Rome

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