“Romantic” in the Black Forest (Black Forest) and beyond

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At the beginning of the outgoing year, I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Black Forest (Schwarzwald, Schwarzwald) and other beautiful places in Southwest Germany. There is a possibility that I will gather there at the beginning of the coming year, and therefore I will take the opportunity to remember that trip and tell you something about it.

What exactly is this Black Forest? Imagine mountains covered with coniferous forest (the space occupied by these high hills is about 200 km). The forest is very dense, the trees grow so close to each other that it is always completely dark in the forest – the light simply does not penetrate through the branches (that’s where the name comes from) … In the gaps between the mountains there are amazing lakes. And also mineral springs. Therefore, such famous resort places as Baden-Baden arose nearby.

I wanted to scout and see if it’s true what they say that these parts are the best hotels in the chain. Romantic (generally it includes 200 independent, very nice and cozy family hotels in 11 European countries). And indeed, I’ve been riding like cheese in butter all week. And in every sense of the word.

In addition, winter Germany is almost as beautiful and interesting as winter Russia (I really like to go somewhere in the Russian outback in winter, but we’ll talk about this separately somehow).

So, Germany black forest and its surroundings. I must warn you right away: people in these parts speak English much less often, so learn a couple of key German phrases. However, do not worry too much – the locals are so friendly and generally positive that not knowing the language will not cause you any problems. Despite my very weak German, I found a common language with everyone there. How? Well, smiles, gestures, telepathy… Just kidding, of course. But, in general, everything was fine.

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, I picked up a pre-rented car (of course, with heated seats, because it was a winter, although quite mild, and also with a GPS system). And an hour later, almost reached the village of Bad Sobernheim. To spend a couple of nights there, recovering from the Russian winter with fine food at Passione Rossa and fabulous treatments at Bollant’s Spa. And, of course, the surprisingly warm and homely atmosphere of the hotel itself. Romantik Hotel BollAnt’s im Park.

Romantik Hotel BollAnt's im Park

The hotel is hidden between a hill and a river. A very feng shui location, I tell you as a big fan of this business … In summer, everything here is extremely green and joyful.

Romantik Hotel BollAnt's im Park

But winter also gives this place a special charm …

Romantik Hotel BollAnt's im Park

The rooms are decorated with a touch of oriental luxury. And even when it’s cold outside (however, it’s never very cold here), warmth and comfort reign inside:

Romantik Hotel BollAnt's im Park

Separately, it should be said about the spa. It is best to book the procedures in advance, before arrival, because very, very many people come here from the surrounding area for them … Healing Mud Therapy is especially popular, as well as a body massage with grape seed oil … It was this last procedure that allowed me to feel again on horse.

And, as one Englishman, whom we met there, told me, there is a very effective detox program. I have not tried it, but the Englishman, in my opinion, can be trusted, he looked like a great specialist in this sense. Well, there are very simple and obvious things there, such as a sauna and all sorts of Turkish steam affairs.

wellness zentrum bollant spa raum

Jan Bolland and Jeannine Bolland-Georg are the family couple who run everything here, the heirs of the same grandfather Andres, who founded the hotel in 1907. Here it is:

hotel founder

I soon left this pleasant place because I was invited to test three more “romantic” hotels. First – Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie, which is on the outskirts of the town of Zweibrücken, very close to France. And again I was amazed and fascinated by the spa – I literally came to life before my eyes! However, not only from the skillful hands of spa wizards, but also from the excellent, truly gourmet food that I ate at the local Tschifflick restaurant.

From here I moved south two days later. I drove over the snow-covered Mearsburg mountain, past a small and very pretty village with its cobblestone streets, and past Lake Constance.

Ela2007 from flickr.com

And what was in store for me? Superb hotel penthouse suite Romantik Hotel Residenz am See. And although the time I spent here was short, I remember this place most of all. The kitchen was especially impressive. Yes, they cook at their restaurant Casala Restaurant is incredible. Especially the fish. Divine fish…


But an even more delicious place was the restaurant of the next and last of the Romantik hotels I visited that time. Well, I think you guessed it already… Of course, I could not stop by in Baiersbronn. I have already written in detail about this gastronomic mecca. And he even mentioned the hotel I’m talking about now. Romantic Hotel Sackmann.

By the way, there is also an excellent spa. And the hotel itself is again very feng shui and very romantic – by the river. In general, I highly recommend Baiersbronn to everyone who likes to eat delicious food and relax romantically. Maybe that’s where I’ll go for the new year. And there I’ll ride through the rest of my favorite Romantics of the Black Forest …

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