Romance with Altai begins with Altay Village Teletskoe

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With the closure of the borders, Altai entered the top 3 most cherished places to travel in Russia. There are really many reasons for Gorny Altai to become a “tourist hit”: people come here for the sake of the fantastic beauty of nature and the diversity of landscapes – lakes, rivers, caves, glaciers and waterfalls. But in addition to nature in Altai, you can now find international-class service – we were convinced of this by visiting the Altay Village Teletskoe hotel, recognized as the best eco-hotel of 2019 according to the Russian Hospitality Awards hotel award.

Altay Village Teletskoe is a premium resort in the Altai Mountains, with 17 chalets made of solid cedar using environmentally friendly materials, and the interiors combine exclusive modern design and the use of the most environmentally friendly materials.

A secluded holiday surrounded by mountains and reserved taiga, boat trips along mountain rivers and a lake, helicopter flights – all this is Altay Village Teletskoe, the only five-star resort in Altai on Lake Teletskoye, which has been considered a place of power since ancient times.

Slow down and feel a deep connection and unity with nature – this is probably the setting you should give yourself before you get to this resort.

A typical day in Altay Village Teletskoe starts with waking up in a chalet and going out to the veranda with an incredible view with a cup of herbal tea.

After breakfast, you can go fishing for grayling and burbot on the Talmen Lake or walk to observe the life of marals in their natural habitat. Then – have lunch at the Ozero restaurant, whose chef, Andrey Kuznetsov, has developed an original menu from local products. It is especially recommended to try the author’s dishes from maral, roe deer and elk meat, as well as the fish menu: grayling, Teletsky whitefish and taimen, caught, probably by you, in the mountain rivers of Altai.

An ideal end to a day full of impressions will be a classic soaring in a real Siberian bath with professional masters of Russian steam, after which you can plunge into a cold font with herbal infusions and berries. Someone will choose SPA procedures, for example, a bath of the Altai princess and a relaxing massage, while someone will spend time in the fitness room, on the tennis court and in the pool.

Another “highlight” of the hotel is the ail, made in the traditional style of dwellings of the peoples of Altai. The atmosphere of the village is conducive to quiet family evenings around the hearth and the exchange of impressions from trips on buggies and ATVs through the dense taiga or boat trips along the lake.

To explore all the riches of the Altai nature, it will take more than one month. But even in a few days on the shores of Lake Teletskoye, there are many options to fill your leisure time with joyful events and exciting adventures.

For those who want to explore Altai further, the hotel has prepared a trip along the Chuisky tract – one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The tour “Golden Ring of Altai” includes Ulagansky Pass – the highest asphalted pass in Altai, Kurkure waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Altai and Teletskoye Lake – a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.
Despite the fact that the tour partially runs through devoid of civilization and even wild places, throughout the entire route the hotel team provided comfortable accommodation, exclusive meals from the restaurant’s chef and transportation in premium cars – so that nothing distracts you from contemplation and unity with Altai nature.

Altai is a romance for a long time. And to start it with a date with Altay Village Teletskoe is perhaps the wisest decision.

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