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When it comes to Roman hotels, it must be borne in mind that although there are a great many of them in the Eternal City, there are few really good ones among them. There are several large hotels that are included in the lists of the best hotels in Europe. Many of the hotels mentioned in the post about Roman restaurants are eminently worth living in. But this time I still prefer to stay in one of those hotels where I have been successfully staying for a long time when I visit in Rome. That is, in one of these two small Roman hotelswhere I always find comfort, solitude, peace and quiet.

Let’s start with perhaps The inn at the roman foruma small, super-pleasant hotel, lurking very close to the Corso and the Colosseum in a cobbled cul-de-sac with a fountain.

A lovely house of the 15th century (however, of course, in Rome, I note in passing, almost all the houses are charming!), located very close to the Trojan Forum. 13 guest rooms, each with bohemian crystal chandeliers and four-poster wrought iron beds, paired with oriental rugs on terracotta floors. And the most important thing. Some of the rooms open onto their own little garden (this category is called Master garden room). It is especially pleasant to sit there in the afternoon and listen to the birds singing interspersed with the bells of countless churches.

Hotel The inn at the roman forum

Of course, there is wireless Internet, a plasma TV, a DVD player, and an iPod station. The materials used in the decoration are also good: in the bathroom there are multi-colored marble floors. In the living room – ivory. The large fireplace in the living rooms is made of stone. The living room in my room was so pleasant that I did not even want to leave it once again, although I really like to wander around Rome, admiring its architecture and people. But, by the way, from here, from the hotel, from the terrace where breakfast and lunch are served, you can enjoy good views – for example, on the roofs of houses on Palatine Hill (there was once the house of the Roman emperors) … In general, if the heroes of Petronius The arbiters lived in our time, they would have appreciated all this luxury with all their sharpness and grace.

Another small hotel, which I am ready to recognize as one of the most pleasant in Rome, opened the Ferragamo shoe clan. I have already mentioned their Florentine hotels. And now it’s time to talk about Roman. It is called portrait suites.

Hotel portrait suites

There are 14 rooms located right above the Ferragamo boutique, where you can buy ingeniously beautiful shoes. A distinctive feature of the hotel is that it is a great modern alternative to those lush baroque interiors that are so abundant in Roman luxury places… The design here has nothing to do with all this. Chrome lamps, stylish striped carpets, oak parquet. Here and there, as if from another world, bright colors flash – blue, green, red … Stylish black-and-white photographs with clear allusions to Federico Fellini hang on the walls, which perfectly complement the ebony paneling that defines the hotel’s character.

Hotel by Ferragamo

I especially like the well-coordinated work of friendly staff and cute little things in this hotel, with the help of which a special atmosphere of comfort is created here. For example, when I last stayed here, the first thing that greeted me in the room was a large platter of fresh pastries. It was very handy to refresh after the road …

And one more feature – in each room there is a small kitchen: a dishwasher, a coffee machine, a microwave oven. This is done for the simple reason that the hotel has neither a bar nor a restaurant, and, apart from breakfast, there is not much to expect here in terms of food. Well, yes in Rome already full of excellent restaurants, I have already talked about this in detail.

Stylish Portrait Suites Hotel by the Shoe Kings of Ferragamo

Of course, the Portrait suites have both a DVD player and a plasma… The bathrooms have underfloor heating. But the main thing that I almost forgot to mention and that should definitely be noted when talking about this institution is the rooftop terrace. From here opens up so breathtaking panorama of Romethat you won’t want to leave here for a very long time. In addition, everything here is simply very nice and cozy. By the way, similar views can be obtained directly from the room. I once stayed at No. 51, which has its own terrace with a canopy, and it was very nice. Here is a final photo from this room:

Some of the rooms in the Portrait Suites offer very nice views.

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