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Spring and summer are the seasons that bring the most guests to the popular Lake Garda region. However, for some, the hustle and bustle of the summer months is too much. Fortunately, the beautiful lake on the southern slopes of the Alps offers a truly relaxing time, both in autumn and winter. If you are one of those people looking for a relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle in a beautiful landscape, then the next few months are perfect for you.

Relaxed moments in autumn and winter – with the best services

Autumn on Lake Garda is considered a pleasant extension of summer, without the intense heat of peak hours. A mild climate prevails, and when the low sun highlights the contrast of the blue-green lake with the coppery autumn vegetation, the view from the slopes of the western shore across the lake to the Veneto shore is extraordinary. The Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas paints this view incredibly, thanks to its position above the Riviera Gardone. Very few other places on Lake Garda radiate this contemplative peace, which, together with the most beautiful view of the lakeside landscape, forms the basis of a complete relaxation experience.

From November, longer stays can be booked through special arrangements

A few days before the end of October, the summer season ends. From November, Eden Reserve offers the possibility to book long-term stays in the villas, always offering the same quality of services as in the summer season.

Each of the villas offers spa facilities such as a private pool and spa and fitness areas ranging from 100 to 150 square meters. Guests can extend this period of relaxation in their own rooms with the Private Beauty Escape program by Susanne Kaufmann, who is considered an international pioneer of effective natural cosmetics.

Enjoy private fine dining, relax in your own spa area and get your body moving

Guests dine in the privacy of their own villas throughout the fall and winter seasons, with menus prepared by Eden Reserve La Celeste restaurant chef Marco Carasi. A private waiter is also available on request.

Late autumn is the season for culinary sensations on Lago di Garda. The excellent wine, made from the grapes that grow here, is now in barrels, with the young wine ready to be tasted in many wineries. Chestnuts are another highlight of the region, along with “Castanea”, a great tasting beer brewed with chestnuts.

In October and November, the olives are harvested, with the “Antica Fiera di Santa Caterina” olive oil festival celebrating the rich harvest in Castelletto di Brenzone at the end of November. Guests can also taste the “liquid gold” at many stands, where local specialties are served fresh on the tables. In addition to chestnuts, visitors will also be able to enjoy truffles, mushrooms, aromatic herbs, refined jams and honey.

Many of the products are grown in the Monte Baldo mountain region on the east coast and are of the highest quality. While Lake Garda offers charming features in every season, autumn is undoubtedly the best season for outdoor activities, especially nature walks.

Walking, cycling, relaxing – plan an active holiday at Eden Reserve

The end of this year is also the perfect time to start planning your vacation for next spring and summer. For short or long distance walks, the scenery around Lake Garda is perfect all year round, while the region is a treasure trove of hiking through breathtaking alpine scenery. At your feet, in the mountain tours, is the Mediterranean garden of Eden, with deep blue Lago di Garda in the center.

Hiking and cycling enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the trails around Lake Garda.

The northern area of ​​the lake offers a lot of truly unique trails. The old Ponale road with its tunnels, reserved for hikers and cyclists, is also a place worth visiting. For the latter, the landscapes around the lake are a real dream. Cyclists enjoy the many mountain tours, suitable for beginners and professionals, these routes always offer breathtakingly beautiful views.

Eden Reserve can provide you with mountain bikes on request, while around the lake there are also many rental stations and a service, quite a few of which offer guided MTB tours, including special ones for e-mountain bikes. A day full of activities is complemented by the exemplary service that greets you each evening at Eden Reserve. After relaxing in the spa, why not enjoy an exquisite dinner on the terrace of La Celeste restaurant, with an incomparable view of Lake Garda and its shores.

We are at your disposal to customize your holiday in elegant apartments or exclusive villas.

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