Question of the century: “Where to go to rest?”. Answer: French Polynesia

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Where to go to rest? This question hangs like a stumbling block around the necks of millions and billions of people who do not allow themselves to do this very often. “relax”.

Sometimes the question “where to go on vacation?” is specified by various “buts” and “becauses” … For example, quite often I hear this: “I can’t relax during my vacation.” In fact, how can you relax and rest here if your mobile phone is on, roaming works, and even approximately the same time zone … For many (especially for truly responsible and loving their work) people, it is simply impossible to turn off the phone during the day and not react and not to twitch… I usually advise the option: to run away somewhere far away, to where the night is at the moment when it is day in Russia – and vice versa… French Polynesia, in particular, can be considered such a place. Well, in addition, it’s simple – we admit it without bluntness, although it sounds a little vulgar – an embodied paradise. So, at least, it seems to very, very many who come here. relax year after year…

For lovers of island holidays, the main features of the classic paradise in the South Pacific are still embodied by the legendary Bora Bora and the islands adjacent to it. For example, I have already rested there many times, but still I never get tired of being amazed at the beauty of these places. Imagine: an island filled with exotic vegetation, with transparent lagoons of incredible shades and a hospitable, open character of pleasant-faced Polynesians, who proudly keep many of their ancient traditions.

French Polynesia (sometimes erroneously referred to as “Tahiti”) is an independent French overseas department of 118 islands spread across a body of water nearly the size of continental Europe. Part of French Polynesia (consisting of several archipelagos) is the archipelago of the Society Islands. They are the most glorious in French Polynesia. Their names are Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea and Hua Hin. They are scattered along the horizon at a distance of less than an hour’s flight to the north-west of the island of Tahiti (the capital of French Polynesia).

These pacifying and happy islands seem to be full-fledged worlds where you can hide from global problems and the eternal hustle and bustle of everyday life. Life really looks much more optimistic in these parts, where reality and the world of imagination are often intertwined, sometimes dissolving into each other during the always-eventually-so-short-term rest.

For those who fly here for the first time, the question always arises: what to choose? I think that you can get maximum pleasure by dividing your vacation time between Bora Bora and Tahaa. And if you want to explore the rest of the islands, then you should rent the yacht “M / Y Askari”, with a crew. But in order.

Bora Bora

Raised to the surface of the ocean during a volcanic eruption several million years ago, Bora Bora (a 45-minute flight from Tahiti) is crowned by two high hills, reminiscent of castle towers. The steep slopes of these hills and densely overgrown plains between them are adorned with coconut palms and tropical plants. The unique aroma of gardenias and jasmine soars in the air.

Bora Bora is ringed by a crystal clear lagoon (which changes color during the day from turquoise and emerald to aquamarine and sapphire depending on the angle of the sun and the position of the clouds). The waters of the lagoon are so bright that when looking at satellite images taken from a height of six kilometers, it seems as if they glow! The series of islands (“motu”) scattered along the perimeter of the lagoon also attracts attention. A hoop of coral reefs surrounds Bora Bora, protecting the waters of the lagoon from strong ocean waves.

There are several hotels on Bora Bora, some on the motu, some like that … Well, for example, let’s take St. Regis Resort: several houses on a separate motu, opposite Mount Otemanu. Villas on the water, great! But there is one drawback: the windows and terraces of many bungalows go directly to the windows and terraces of their neighbors. No privacy… No great spa, no pools, no artificial beach and a brilliant restaurant can not compensate for this. Bottom line: on Bora Bora I choose Four seasons. It is also located on a separate mote, not far, by the way, from the one on which St. Regis. However, at Four Seasons, everything is designed to provide the most interesting views, combined with a reasonable level of privacy. Although most of the cottages are also next to each other, everything here is somehow very thought out, and there is no feeling that someone is interfering:

There is an authentic and accordingly highly environmentally friendly design:

And what is especially pleasant: equally authentic and very high-quality service:

Now to the island of Tahaa!

Tahaa was mastered a little later than Bora Bora, and therefore everything here is somehow more pristine… Vanilla plantations and black pearl farms – that’s what Tahaa was famous for until recently. Now its fame is not least a magnificent hotel. LE TAHA’Aone of the best Pacific resorts in general.

A 35 minute sail from the neighboring island of Raiatea, where the airport is located (or better, a 10 minute helicopter flight from Bora Bora with views) and you are in Tahaa. Before you is a turquoise lagoon of indescribable beauty, and on the horizon – the mythical outlines of the peaks of Bora Bora. Le Taha’a is the only Relais & Chateaux in French Polynesia. And, I will add, my favorite hotel in these places.

Graceful air-conditioned bungalows feature traditional Polynesian style. These thatched cottages are built over the shallow, sparkling waters of the lagoon. Many are turned towards the magnificent volcanic peaks of Tahaa, and from the best rooms, through the space between two idyllic motus with palm trees, a romantic view of Bora Bora opens up.

French polynesia

Wicker ceilings, light wood doors and tapa decorations. And most importantly, spacious terraces adjacent to the houses with panoramic views. Steps lead from the wooden deck to the fabulous crystal clear water. You swim in this way, then you drown in a deep deck chair under the fan and for a long, long time you will look into the electric blue abyss of the sky and the ocean. Quiet and blissful … Here he is, real vacation.

On this we now, perhaps, and break. And in one of the next posts I will return to the topic and talk about other islands and the possibilities of the Polynesian archipelago (I returned, here is a continuation of the theme of French Polynesia!). But I hope that at least partially I have now answered this damned question for you – “where to go on vacation“…

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