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Our detailed itinerary, with which you can see the main attractions of Tenerife in 3 days, I share on this page. Here we calculate the budget for such a trip.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Tenerife or, conversely, learn how to organize your own trips, then you are here 🙂


We flew in the low season, so the tickets Barcelona – Tenerife North – Barcelona without luggage ran out 2 800 rubles per person. You can read about how I look for cheap tickets here.


I booked a stunning two-room apartment in the style of the 70s and the New York “Studio 54” with a balcony and a sea view in the city of Costa Adeje (South of Tenerife). We even had a record player there 🙂 2 minutes walk to the sea. Cost per night – 70 euros.

I booked through Airbnb, here is a link to the apartment itself.

If you haven’t registered with Airbnb yet, by registering through my affiliate link, you will receive a discount of 2,200 rubles for your first booking. Yes, I will also receive a bonus of 1,100 rubles for my next trips 🙂

About how I look for where to stay while traveling, read on this page.

Car rental

As for me, so The best way to travel in Tenerife is by car.. We booked a car for 3 days with Hertz. Booked the cheapest class like Huindai i10, but received Huindai i20. Rent price – 1 500 rubles per day. At the time of our trip (January 2019), it was enough to have a national driving license and a debit card to book. In order not to leave a deposit, we decided to take insurance with full coverage – 4,500 rubles for all three days.

One time we did not find free parking and paid 15 euros for a paid one. Gasoline cost 25 euros.

Thus, all expenses for the car amounted to about 165 euros.

I devoted to the intricacies of renting a car abroad separate article.


Prices for food in Tenerife pleasantly surprised us. Perhaps the fact is that we were in the low season, but nevertheless. For breakfast with a large drink (smoothie, large glass of coffee, etc.), we paid about 10 euros, dined with sandwiches, and chic dinners with seafood and wine cost no more than 25 euros per person.

Thus, without denying yourself anything, we spent 165 euros on food for three days or 55 euros per day.


Of the paid entertainment, we only had a boat trip with whales for 54 euros per person and a master class in cooking paella and sangria for 19 euros per person. The rest of the time we explored the island on our own.


Thus, for a very eventful three-day trip around Tenerife, we spent 800 euro or 60,000 rubles. To this must be added obtaining a Schengen visa, if you do not have one, and a flight to Barcelona.

How to save money on a trip to Tenerife:

  • Book not the whole apartment, but a separate room in the apartment where the owners and / or other tenants will live. This is much cheaper;
  • Cook breakfast on your own and do not go to dinner at restaurants;
  • Leave a deposit for the car with a credit card and do not take additional insurance.

This will cut your costs by about 25-30%.

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