Once Upon a Time in Africa, or the best camps in Tanzania

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V Tanzania there is something to see. Colorful local population, a wide variety of animals – tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants and smaller creatures … I especially like Serengeti National Park. This is 25,000 acres of private territory, where all the conditions are created to look at the beast. For example, an excellent hotel Klein’s Camp. This is probably one of the best luxury camps in the country, if not on the black continent in principle (although the last statement is, in general, debatable, and we will turn to this topic more than once). And, of course, this is an excellent base for observing the annual Great Migration (June-July, hurry up)when 2 million antelopes, zebras and other animals cross the border between Tanzania and Kenya.

Look: at the very top of the hill there are 10 stone cottages with thatched roofs, inside – dark wood furniture, zoological magazines, king size beds, wooden (to match the general style of the camp – “barefoot luxury”) floors and quite tolerable bathrooms with showers – in every room. One disadvantage of these houses is the beamed ceilings. Why minus? According to the laws of Chinese science of landscaping – feng shui – this is not very good. Yes, however, this is not China, this is Tanzania, and there, it seems, these laws are not very strong. In any case, nothing bad happened to me during the five days of my stay there. On the contrary: only the good. I constantly rode in a jeep and watched how the wildebeest and Thomson’s gazelles drink from the river, and the crocodiles do not interfere with them, because in reality it is the hour of the watering place … How the giraffes fight with each other (this is a hilarious and at the same time terrible sight – they beat each other necks of a friend!), how elephants walk their cubs (it is believed that you can’t get close to them at this time, but they gave me binoculars, and I saw everything perfectly).

by ben houdijk

Generally Serengeti translated as “endless plain”, this plain really does not seem to have any end or edge … And on this plain there are places where wonderful birds and rare reptiles live on low rocks. And right there is an excellent observation post for lions and cheetahs resting in the shade. And then, tired from the African heat and tormented by thirst, I literally collapsed into a leather sofa or even a zebra-skin carpet in the lounge bar of our camp, waiting for a refreshing cocktail. And then soaked for an hour or two in an unusually shaped pool. By the way, it is huge… You can hold swimming competitions… And the water in it is the purest.

kleins sittingroom

Summary. Tanzania. Serengeti.

Where to stay: Klein’s Camp – rating 5
Kirawira luxury tented camp is another equally worthy safari camp on the edge of the Serengeti, a member of slh.com. By the way, it has a bad a restaurantwhere I visited a couple of times for dinner. – rating 5

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