On July 4, the Pink Night will take place on the Romagnon Riviera!

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Last year I got in Rimini just in time for pink night. It was warm outside, but it was even warmer inside because of the pink color that spread through these streets. Until the morning, pink color and magical music were everywhere. At first, in the company of three Italians, an Italian and one of my Russian friends, we drank grappa in some cafe in the city center, where I got drunk pretty quickly and tried to speak Italian with the waiter, which amused my friends a lot. When the waiter found out that I was from Russia, the waiter sang “Katyusha”… Then, I remember, we walked along the hot pink streets – pink houses, pink fireworks, pink fountains, pink light – and listened to orchestras in different parts Piazza Fellini, running from one orchestra to another, from one melody to another. And then we crammed into a taxi and rushed to the sea. The merry driver was loudly arguing with the Italians about something, and when I asked what they were talking about, it turned out that they were talking about where the pink night really is – the pinkest. The girls assured that Riminiand the taxi driver insisted that in his homeland, in Cervia. The point was put by my Italian friend. After translating the essence of the dispute to me, he shouted loudly and decisively: Ravenna! However, all these points are not very far from each other … They all belong to the so-called “Romagnon” part of the Riviera (she is Emilia-Romagna). This is one of the richest regions of Italy, the capital of the Italian summer resort, the coast, where Sweet life it tastes really sweet. Well, the arena of the Pink Night, of course. Everywhere, I repeat, everywhere in this region from 4 to 5 July pink nightpink salutes are thundering everywhere, beautiful Italian women half dressed in pink, half naked are entertaining the audience, pink dishes are served everywhere, pink concerts are taking place, pink fashion shows, beach parties that gradually develop into truly Italian orgies …

This year, for example, Riccione will sing Franco Battiato, and in Rimini (after all, I decided for myself that this is the main place of the Pink Night) Fiorella Mannoia will perform. This will be the fourth time that this magnificent festival will thunder over the Italian Riviera … 100 kilometers of the coast will turn completely pink. They even promise that the sea itself will turn pink this time…

Il Grand Hotel de Rimini

And one more thing: if you are a fan of cultural evenings, I advise you to arrive in Rimini in advance. July 1 there will be festival of music and literature Assalti al cuore. And if you have children, then go to Bellaria on July 3, there will be a “Baby pink night“.

Where to stay in Rimini on the Pink Night: to better feel the spirit of the event, I advise you to live in Il Grand Hotel de Rimini (pictured a little higher).

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