On January 23-31, Dusseldorf (Germany) will host the largest boat show Boot-Dusseldorf

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There is still a month before this event, but I want to celebrate it now. So that the reader who is really interested in this has the opportunity to prepare in advance. It’s about the boat show Boot Dusseldorf.

Why go there? Actually, there may be one reason, but it decides a lot – you love yachts and you are interested in everything connected with them …

Whether you intend to replenish your collection of yachts or are just thinking of becoming a yacht owner, you have a direct road at the end of January to Düsseldorf, to the boat-show, the largest exhibition of boats and yachts. This will be the forty-first show for the annual Boot-Dusseldorf. They say that every year the event takes on more and more large-scale forms.

It is expected that in 2010 the boat-show will be attended by about 2,000 companies from fifty countries, including the most famous shipbuilders. The exhibition will also host the prestigious Yacht of the Year award ceremony, which is preceded by a long selection – throughout the season, the editors of seven leading European yacht magazines have chosen the best new items among motor boats, and now they are ready to acquaint everyone with the winners.

In general, good luck to all yacht fans! Details – on the event website!

And here, taking advantage of the occasion, I tell you about the best hotels and restaurants in Dusseldorf.

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