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At my request, my friend from Canada, Anton Likhachev, sent me his personal hit parade of the best Vancouver Spas, which will undoubtedly arouse keen interest among my readers who are now watching the Olympics in the immediate venue. And, for sure, sometimes they get very tired there, because, I know, the spectacle is tense, and besides, the weather is bad in Vancouver …

Anton is a man of taste, he can be said to be a metrosexual (Anton, don’t be offended!), so you can trust him in this sense, he perfectly understands what he is talking about. So:

one. Absolute Spa

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver branch of this spa is the first spa in Vancouver to specialize in treatments for men. For example, there you can order an exclusive 75-minute treatment for the Male Face (special mud mask). However, there is also something for women. But the second branch of the Vancouver Absolute, in the Century Plaza Hotel, is equally suitable for both men and women.

Absolute Spa, Spa in Vancouver

2. EvelineCharles

EvelineCharles is a clean and bright, polished two-story spa paradise, located in one of the most shopping areas of Vancouver – South Granville Rise. Mud facials, exfoliations and mud baths, body wraps, massages, anti-aging treatments and special hair treatments. Well, manicure and pedicure, of course.

3. Miraj Hammam Spa
This is a spa with a Middle Eastern twist. It has its own unique homely atmosphere, which, combined with exotic Turkish and Arabic programs, gives a very strange effect, undoubtedly relaxing and recreational. Hamam (Turkish steam room) and a thirty-minute massage – and as if reborn. And then – tea with oriental sweets in an incredible lounge, as if from the fairy tales of 1001 nights.

4. Breath Spa

The reserve, which grew up right on the fifth floor of the Pacific Coast building in the heart of the city. I advise you to enjoy the Out of This World program, which includes a two-hour facial and skin care treatment followed by a tremendous mental and body massage with hot stones.

five. Skoah

The place to go if you want to “fix” your skin. There are a huge number of various facial procedures, including those using products of our own production (creams, etc.) – there are quick procedures, there are quite long ones. The center is located in trendy Yaletown, next to the city’s coolest and most stylish Opus Hotel.

6. Spa Utopia & Salon

Utopia… I remember when I was leaving Russia, there was such a very stupid disco club in Moscow. And now this is the name of a magnificent Vancouver spa. Here, too, there are services for men, special very serious programs. But there’s also something quite incredible: the “VIP Suite Romance”, a two-hour package that includes treatments for two – in a separate spa suite.

Spa Utopia & Salon, Vancouver Spa Salon

7. Spa at Wedgewood Hotel

This diminutive but extremely elegant center at the Wedgewood Hotel is actually one of the wonders of Vancouver in a way. It offers both classic treatments – massages, wraps, baths, masks, as well as such know-how as the combined program Chai Soy Anti-Stress Back Treatment. And then you can have a very pleasant tea in the Bacchus restaurant there.

Spa Massage Room brochure Vancouver Spa

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