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Someone asked me about Japanese design hotels, and here you are, the first copy of this kind in my collection. On my last working visit to Tokyo Japanese partners, having learned at dinner about my hobby of writing about unusual luxury hotels, decided to show me, as they put it, “the object of special pride of the residents Tokyo“. And for the weekend they took me to this very “pride”. It turned out to be hotel really very cute and at the same time chic – a rare combination, you will agree. called Niki Club. This is exactly what a modern design hotel, and in nature, on a hot spring. Just an hour north of the bustling Tokyo. It is hidden in a lovely valley surrounded by trees, bushes and streams, right under the Nasu ridge. Little Japanese miracle.

Why, in fact, a miracle? First of all, it’s very beautiful here. And this beauty is purely Japanese – it is somewhat reminiscent of Russian, but it does not have our breadth, and therefore all this causes very unusual sensations. Chamber and … that’s exactly what becomes wonderful in the soul. Secondly, the air here is amazing, and, thirdly, the hot springs themselves.

The hotel is a few comfortable wooden cube-shaped cottages. There you can choose a room with a European-style bed, or you can choose a Japanese futon. I decided to try the second one. It’s like a cotton mattress on the floor. The floor is very warm, wooden. A real Japanese experience. In addition, a large wooden barrel bath was waiting for me here, where I completely relaxed. And I think you would relax too if you were me. Just imagine: complete comfort, and behind the door and behind the huge windows, almost the entire wall, everything around is drowning in greenery – cedar, sakura and much more.

niki club, hotel in japan

niki club, japanese design hotel

The Japanese themselves love to come here, and this is not surprising. In conditions of total bustle and urbanization Tokyo it is simply necessary and saving to have at hand such a quiet untouched corner where you can relax, relax, come to your senses, feel harmony with yourself and with nature. In addition, these hot springs – to visit Japan and in no case should you never swim in them, because this is a traditional Japanese fun, and, on top of that, it’s also very useful … But, by the way, in Niki Clubin terms of recovery, besides the beauty, air and springs, there is also a spa where you can get an authentic aromatherapy session with special local oils …

niki club

Kitchen here Japanese (and to choose from, there is a European one for lovers), everything is prepared, as they explained to me, exclusively from natural products. And I would also like to note the servants with separate warm words. I have never met a more pleasant and attentive service in any Japanese hotel. When in the evening, before dinner, I came to the library to drink some kind of aperitif, sitting in front of a live fireplace and listening to the quiet overflowing of the piano, they invariably kindled this fireplace especially for me. Even if I was alone in the library. Nice little detail…

Japan. Tokyo – Nasu. summary

Where to stay: Niki Club – rating 5.

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