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This is the first article in a series of posts prepared for the Brand-in-Trend Fashion blog.

When the year is drawing to a close (that way, starting from November and then all of December), one of the most common questions in idle friendly conversations becomes this: “Where are you going to celebrate the New Year? What are your plans for the New Year, are you going somewhere? In my LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru, a post about the new year has already become an annual tradition. And today, starting a series of posts for a friendly Brand-in-Trend Fashion blog, I decided to touch on this very topical topic. Moreover, questions about the new year have already begun to come to me from different sides and every day they sound more and more often and louder. So, I’m talking about where I’m going to go to meet the new year 2013.

The answer this year is Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, one of the hearts of old Europe. Here, Christmas (respectively, New Year’s) days seem truly fabulous and festive: garlands hung around the streets, fluffy snow on the eaves of narrow windows, the beautiful Salzach River dividing the city in half with its small footbridges, pointed churches, trees in hoarfrost, baroque luxury old palaces. Especially good in winter is the old town, which can be bypassed in half a day. And the main entertainment, an indispensable must go – a Christmas market on the central square near the Salzburg Cathedral. Bengal lights and bright garlands sparkle above the stalls, street musicians and performers go on a rampage, enthralling the audience, the stalls are bursting with the sweetest gingerbread in the world. There is also hot tea with Christmas caramel and freshly made chocolate. Who said Europe can’t walk?

When I stay in Salzburg, I usually stay at the Sacher Salzburg Hotel, and this time will be no exception. There are excellent views of the old town, the river (the hotel stands on the shore) and the medieval fortress of Hohensalzburg on a hill. Salzburg is especially beautiful from the windows of Sacher Salzburg in the evenings, when the fortress is illuminated with yellow and purple rays. Another important advantage of the hotel is its high-class service (the hotel has been operating since the middle of the 19th century, and the employees know exactly how to please the guest).

Sacher Salzburg Hotel

View from the terraces

The next point that needs to be mentioned when talking about holidays in Salzburg is the Ikarus restaurant. It is located in the HANGAR-7 cultural center, which also has an art gallery and an airplane museum. Under the patronage of the legendary owner of three Michelin stars, one of the geniuses of the new wave of French cuisine Eckart Witzigmann, this restaurant has become a real event in the life of the city.

The coolest chefs in the world work here (every month, one guest star gives way to the helm of another). The cuisine is author’s, it depends on the specific chef, how you get there. In December, for example, Ramon Fraixa, a famous Spanish chef, will cook. But there is also a seasonal menu (French cuisine). Please note that the restaurant is closed for the Christmas holidays from 23 December to 3 January. Therefore, either come here in advance, or wait a little after the new year. In any case, you need to book a table ahead of time to get in for sure.

It is worth arriving at the restaurant an hour or even two before dinner, if you want to see the exposition of the airplane museum before dinner.

As an alternative, I can suggest the Alt-Salzburg restaurant. It is very close to the Sacher Salzburg Hotel, on the opposite bank of the river. Authentic Austrian cuisine here. Be sure to try the Wiener Schnitzel and apple strudel. The schnitzel is served properly – properly fried, with a crispy crust, with a slice of lemon and a small dose of cherry confiture.


There is a lot of information on the net about what else to do in Salzburg, so I will only mention very briefly: skiing near the city (I prefer to do it in Schladming), tasting unsurpassed varieties of cheese and wine in small shops in the old town, basking in the Alpine tea with rum, sugar and spices.

winter Salzburg

Visit the Mozart Museum (Mozart-Wohnhaus, this is the one on the Mozart Square, not the other), and then the Fürst confectionery (if you like chocolate). Go to Mozart Dinner Concert – themed dinner at Stiftskeller St. Peter in an 18th century atmosphere with authentic cuisine and music by Mozart.

Then – an observation deck on the Kapuzinerberg hill on the right bank of the river and a run through the shops on the streets of Getreidegasse-Hofstalgasse-Franceskanergasse.

It is worth, of course, to look into the family cheese shop opposite the house where Mozart was born, on the Getreidegasse. And ride in a little red carriage. And the New Year itself is best met directly at the Sacher Salzburg hotel, where they promise a magnificent gala dinner this year. I will be there too. See you!

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