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Two news from Safari Adventure Company. First, now this company is called “Wilderness Adventures”.

The decision is more than correct, in my opinion. Wilderness Group (which also includes Wilderness Safaris and North Island), changing the name of its division from Safari Adventure Company to Wilderness Adventures, focuses more precisely. Because for a long time the competence of this company includes not only safari, but also other adventures on the African continent. Sixteen of the most excellent camps and lodges in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe. Focused on eco-tourism. These are not just eco-lodges and campsites, but places where starting from, it is extremely convenient to watch animals, travel in jeeps, as well as in canoes (along the Okavango River, for example). The motto of Wilderness Adventures has remained the same “Live the adventure. Love the wild” (“Live adventure. Love the wild”).

And just a couple of months agoand this is the second news!) opened a new camp from Wilderness Adventures – Banoka Bush Camp. Just in the delta of the Okavango mentioned above (this is Botswana). And I would like to talk about this in a little more detail, since this, of course, is an event. At least for those who know a lot about traveling around Africa.

Quoting from a release sent to me by the company the other day: Framed by the greenery of the Okavango Delta, this camp looks like it’s been here forever, it’s been so cleverly placed in the African wilderness. Banoka Bush Camp owes its name to the first settlers of the area, the ancestors of the Koi tribe, the Banoka, who inhabited the northeastern part of the delta thousands of years ago. Here, in the immediate vicinity of the camp, there is the Moremi National Park, a world-famous nature reserve (Moremi National Park).

Regarding Moremi, a few words should be said separately. It contains some innumerable abysses of the most diverse birds (something like 450 species), and the most, shall we say, brand-forming creatures for safari roam everywhere: the very elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and leopards. There are also hippos, wild dogs (monstrously funny and disgusting, in my opinion), antelopes, giraffes (also very strange creatures that always make me laugh), zebras and many other representatives of the African fauna.

There are two routes to Banoca Bush Camp. The first is simpler – in a jeep. The second – on a small plane, over dizzying landscapes. The second, of course, is more exclusive and cooler.

The camp has 8 comfortable bungalows, each of which is designed for two persons. And also – two large family bungalows for four. In addition, Banoka Bush Camp has a dining room (very cozy, which is typical for the establishments of the Wilderness group), a canopy bar, a swimming pool and a pleasant area for an evening fire.

What can be done there? In addition to traditional jeep trips and hiking, you can go sailing on mokoro boats. These are such four-meter narrow dishes, hollowed out from a tree trunk. Very authentic. And a very interesting point – you can get acquainted with the indigenous people of African communities located near the camp.

Another feature: especially adventurous citizens can spend the night outdoors – in large four-poster beds.

By the way, this is not the first Wilderness Adventures camp in Botswana. But at the same time it represents a really new proposal. Because the first – Kalahari Plains Camp (Kalahari Plains Camp) – is located in a completely different part of the country, in the Central Kalahari Reserve, in the Kalahari Desert. That is, there is a completely different story – deserted.

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