New Banyan Tree hotel to open in Mexico in March

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In March, in Acapulco (Mexico), a 20-minute drive from the international airport, the famous Banyan Tree hotel opens. This is the second Banyan hotel in Mexico (the first hosting guests on the Yucatan Peninsula). New hotel – Banyan Tree Cabo Marques has already begun its promotional campaign and is accepting applications for booking rooms.

The hotel consists of several very beautiful and comfortable villas with private pools and beautiful views of the bay and the Pacific Ocean. Since Banyan is an Asian chain, the design was done in a new Mexican hotel with some Asian bias. Some villas stand on stilts above the water, and their roofs are turned up in the Chinese way. The windows are moved to the entire wall, like screens, in the Japanese manner. At the same time, ceramic and textile products of Mexican artists were used on the inside.

Here, for example, what the Presidential Villa looks like:

Banyan Tree, Mexico, Acapulco

And, of course, special attention, as is always the case in Banyan hotels, will be given to spa services. For example, the spa center at Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués will provide, among other things, excellent quality Thai massages. Let’s try!

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