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Representatives of a fine Swiss hotel came to Moscow the other day Beau Rivage Palace. We met them in one of the Moscow cafes, and during a pleasant joint lunch they told us a lot of things, which, of course, will be interesting for the reader of LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru. Specifically… Having told, as usual in such cases, about the merits of their hotel, the general manager of the hotel, Mr. François Dussard, and the assistant director of sales and marketing, Ms. Vanessa-Nadege Ducolon, introduced us to Mr. Patrick Lecomte.

Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland, Japanese restaurant

This man, as it turned out, is responsible for an unusual innovation, which, having appeared in March 2010, became a decisive element of the baroque puzzle called Beau-Rivage Palace. The element that makes this all-around brilliant hotel on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne (with ingenious views of the Alps, excellent spa and restaurant with two Michelin stars) – well, makes this hotel downright unique (sorry for a stamp) resting place. What is the uniqueness? To answer this question, I will have to tell you in a few words who, in fact, Mr. Lecomte is.

Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland, room overlooking the Alps

Patrick Lecomte is a specialist in nutrition and healthy nutrition, a graduate of the University of Dijon, one of the largest centers of nutrition in Europe. He is one of the most talented and advanced students of Professor Jean-Robert Rapin, who, together with Dr. Alan Delabeau, invented a method called “Chrono-Nutrition”. “This is not a diet,” Mr. Lecomte insists. – It’s a way of life. Healthy lifestyle!”

The essence of this method is as follows: after a special consultation (you need to fill out several questionnaires about your lifestyle and gastronomic preferences), Dr. Leconte selects especially for you the only nutrition program that will lead you to the best results in terms of well-being, the formation of a proportional figure, general improve health and reduce the risk of various diseases. At the same time, you do not need to force your body by giving up your favorite foods. The main thing in chrono-nutrition is precisely “chrono”. That is, time. The doctor gives you detailed recommendations on what time of day what food is right for you to eat. For example: for breakfast, you definitely need to eat something fatty (butter, cheese), and for lunch – be sure to add something containing sugar (chocolate, fruit). At dinner, drink a glass of wine. That’s right, an illustration. It is not necessary that such (and most likely not such) recommendations will be given to you by Leconte. The main thing is that he is able to determine what foods and at what time of the day it will be useful for you to eat in order to reduce (or increase) weight and improve health … And his general recommendation is this: “Do not drink beer. Beer is a bad drink. And move more! Move, move and move again. Movement is the key to health.

Bar de Lingne - GINKO, Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

détails Matières - GINKO, Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

Beau-Rivage_027_Q, Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

As you may have guessed, Mr. Lecomte’s consultations became the very element that appeared in the Beau-Rivage Palace program in March. Having settled in this hotel (which has a lot of other advantages – take a look at the photos and you will understand a lot!), You will be able to meet this brilliant doctor and receive a prescription for health for almost a lifetime. A recipe that will not require any heroic efforts from you, as is the case with diets, but will gently “ask” for a little adjustment at what time what foods you will eat. In my opinion, a good bonus to all the comfort that awaits you in Lausanne!

SANDOZ Gala dinner, Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

Beau-Rivage Palace, hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

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