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July 2015

Moieciu seems to me to be a brilliant locality: located at the foot of the mountains, scented with strong and clean air, with incredibly green hills, on which cows and sheep graze in total relaxation. If there is something that spoils the dreamscape, well these are the “modern” houses and villas, without any personality, built on the run, probably from the cheapest materials. These houses are slammed here and there like walnuts against the wall, shrouded in smoke from grills, contrasting strongly with the generous beauty of nature and making no effort to integrate into the context. But we still like it here, we can say that we even developed a little addiction, since we started to spend a few days in Moieciu every year, as we do on May 2.

If last year (in 2014), at the beginning of our pregnancy, we roamed unhindered in the 2 forests around the village, this year we set up in a compact group of 3, with the baby in the lead, eager to know the secrets of the forest as well.

We stayed at a kind of house with a spacious yard and a balcony in the room, with a great view of the mountains.

The highlight of the trip with baby to Moieciu is the fact that we went to the forest every day, where we had picnics under the fir trees, tied the hammock on the water’s edge, breathed fresh air, laughed a lot and senselessly from so much oxygen. This business with the oxygenation of the brain is really a vast business ;).

At the end of the paved road from Moieciu de Sus begins the Bucegi National Park. You park the car and start walking nicely through the forest as much as you feel like adventuring. We, being loaded with luggage and with a baby in a carrier, chose not to walk far but to focus on quickly finding a good place to stretch the hammock and have a picnic, a place where we lay for hours. Noria felt very good in the forest, she explored new things, including fir cones, from which she wanted to bite with gusto. We both occupied the hammock, doing our usual activities there: nursing, rocking, socializing.

In short:

** We didn’t do much in Moieciu, we didn’t bother to visit, to move around, we spent a lot of time in the forest, leaving energized and charged. The baby was fine, but on the last day I caught a fever out of the blue, which, by the time I got back to Pucioasa (my home town and base for many trips in the area), reached 40 degrees! It lasted exactly one day and one night, after which it disappeared exactly as it appeared.

** An unpleasant thing in Moieciu was the speed with which many drivers passed the barrier at the head of the paved road, driving their cars detached through the national park. We took a few turns getting their attention, until we got bored and simply lowered the barrier to see what their reaction would be. If on the spot it seemed to be governed by the principle “I see others have entered by car, why not enter too”, it seems that the principle suggested by us also worked, “if I see the barrier put up, then maybe I think 2 times before driving past”.

While we did the little experiment with pulling the barrier, the following happened:

• Several drivers made long faces, not knowing whether to park or continue on the road;
• The driver of a 4X4 tactically exiting the forest got down worried that the barrier had been put up, not knowing if she could still get out; he got out, of course, but he went and properly put the barrier in place :)).
• Other people showed solidarity with us and said that it was very good that we pulled the barrier, that cars are not allowed in the forest.

Silviu wished he could procure a chain with a padlock and bind the barrier, thus leaving all the mountain braves trapped. But we said let’s leave that for next time, and so we have a chain with a padlock at home that is, for now, unused 😀


# Leave Moeciu de Jos behind and drive on to Moeciu de Sus. Moeciu de Jos is a locality located directly on the road, where it is quite noisy, while Moeciu de Sus is closer to the mountain, extending to the entrance to Bucegi National Park.

# Public transport is not very developed; there is a bus that goes up to Moeciu de Sus, from Brașov, but it does not have such a high frequency. Once in the village, the distances can be quite long. It is best to go with a private car.

# Personally, we like the area of ​​the village near the entrance to the Bucegi National Park the most.

# Don’t worry about accommodation. There are many options in Moeciu de Sus. You can book directly on the spot after taking a tour and seeing exactly what you like best.

# You can buy various foods from the locals in Moecis: fresh milk, curd, cheese, cheese, eggs, sausage, blueberry jam, etc. There are quite a few (small) shops and restaurants in the town, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your own food, especially if you have cravings and things you can’t live without or you need special snacks for the baby. Here everyone organizes as they see fit.

# You can go for walks on the surrounding hills – inquire directly with the locals about possible routes.

# If you have a hammock, don’t forget to pack it in your luggage! You’ll love using it in the woods, tied somewhere by the water. Total relaxation!

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