Milan. What to see in 1 day

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A small overview of what you can see in Milan in 1 day, or rather, in a few hours.

To tell the truth, Milan never particularly attracted me, so I didn’t want to go there purposefully, but drop by for a few hours – why not? In autumn 2019 we made small 4-day independent trip to the north of Italyduring which they rested Lake Gardavisited Venice and Veronadedicated one day Dolomitesand on the last day before flying to Russia, we decided to drop by Milan.

If you, like us, do not plan to stay in Milan, then the information below is for you.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Italy or, on the contrary, learn how to organize your trips on your own, then you are here 🙂

Sights of Milan. Route

Let’s take as a starting point Milan Central Station, because if you are traveling in Italy by train, you will most likely arrive there.

note that the station is very big, quite confusingand there are a lot of people there. We only tried for 15 minutes to find a left-luggage office to leave our things (after Milan we were going to go straight to Verona airport), and then we stood in line for another 15 minutes to check in our bags. That’s immediately minus half an hour from our short visit, for which 4 hours were allotted.

From the Central Station we go in a straight line a couple of kilometers to opera at La Scala (As for me, it’s a completely unremarkable building).

What to see in Milan in 1 day

We pass a small area and find ourselves right in the most beautiful Gallery of Victor Emmanuel II. Here I really liked her. Go to the center, from where the four branches of the gallery diverge, raise your head and be sure to consider the mosaics on the ceilingrepresenting the four continents.

What to see in Milan in 1 day

Through the Gallery we go to duomo square with that Milan Cathedral. You can buy a ticket to the cathedral and climb to the roof to look at Milan from above.

Keep your bags tight and avoid the Africans who will try to put dry corn in your hand to attract pigeons, and then demand money for it. In general, if not for these comrades and not for the huge crowds of people, then it would be very cool on the square.

Here at the square is Royal Palace.

You can make a small detour and look at Catholic Church of Santa Maria della Passione. From there we walk to Colonnades of San Lorenzo and on to Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (we did not go, but many praise).

The next item is Church of Santa Maria delle Graziein which crowds of tourists are rushing, and all because of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

Literally a few steps away sforzesco castle. We did not have time to enter the territory, but if you have time, then you should do it.

What to see in Milan in 1 day

We walked along quarter of San Marco.

From there through New gate (Porta Nuova) We exit to the boulevard leading back to the Central Station.

That’s the whole route. It seems that a little, but in fact it turns out 12 km.

Milan in 1 day

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