Mexico and Belize. Unobvious places of rest from winter

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There are those who love such a real snow-winter vacation in winter – that is, somewhere in the ski resorts or, for example, in the wooded Russian outback. But there will always be those who want to escape winter in winter. Forget for a week or two about the hellish frost, the dank icy air, the boundless whiteness of snow carpets and other winter joys. It is for them that I just wrote the following review. About secluded places where you can go in winter. To be a little warm and quiet. And we will talk about places that are completely unobvious, little visited by Russian citizens. Unlike, say, Thailand and the Maldives. And there are also few non-Russian citizens there. These are some of the secret places.

For example, let’s take Mexico. Where do people usually go on vacation in this country? Go to Cabo San Lucas. Or, say, in Cancun. I suggest going to Costa Alegre, to a small romantic boutique hotel called Las Alamandas. This is one of those hotels that belong to the hideaway category, that is, literally, a hotel where you can hide from everything and everyone. Beautiful ocean views, lush tropical gardens, breathtaking cliffs, and in the center of it all – a huge deserted beach.

Las Alamandas beach

Six villas, thirteen rooms. The mood is colonial-Spanish, on the walls – Mexican works of art, handicrafts. Each villa has colorful wooden terraces, where it is pleasant to lie in a hammock on hot days, enjoying how a quiet warm wind caresses your body.


Particularly recommended are the Casa del Domo and Casa del Sol suites, which overlook the beach and have separate living rooms and kitchens. As for the gastronomic component, the local restaurant serves mainly seafood dishes. Very fresh, of course. And very tasty. Other pluses of the hotel: a very large freshwater pool, a good fitness center, you can order a massage in the room, you can play tennis, go horseback riding and walk along the cliffs, from which there are excellent views.

Las Alamandas

Another Mexican boutique hotel that I would like to talk about is called Casa de Sierra Nevada. Hotel run by Orient Express. Located in San Miguel de Allende, four hours north of Mexico City. The very center of colonial Mexico, and everything here is saturated with this colonial spirit.

Casade Sierra Nevada

Mountain town: several stone-paved streets, shady squares and very beautiful houses, built mainly in the 18th century, and equally beautiful old churches. There are many art galleries and art shops where you can buy something so souvenir or vice versa – practical, such as a carved table or silver jewelry. The Casa de Sierra Nevada itself is made up of several old buildings centered around one main house (casa). It has 33 rooms, with antique furniture, simply decorated, but cozy and pleasant. There is a large swimming pool, dining rooms with tapestries, a courtyard lavishly lined with flowers.

Casade Sierra Nevada

Casade Sierra Nevada Mexico

Now let’s move on to Belize. The best time to travel to this small country rich in natural delights begins in February. Belize has more than 4,000 species of tropical flowers, about 500 species of rare birds, including all kinds of hummingbirds, parrots and toucans. Lots of different animals – jaguars, ocelots, tapirs and other game. In addition, mysterious ruins left by the Mayan Indians are hidden in the local jungle. But perhaps the main advantage of Belize is its delightful resorts. For example, Chan Chich Lodge.

Chan Chich Lodge

This lodge is located just near the Mayan ruins, which once, apparently, were a flourishing city, and now chosen by exotic birds and animals. The lodge consists of 12 thatched wooden houses. Of course, I recommend staying in the Deluxe category rooms, the main advantage of which is a large bed and a spacious veranda with a hammock. Nothing special, yes, but at the same time, it feels like you are in the most expensive hotel in Europe – comfort in the wild is so valuable …

Chan Chich Lodge Belize

A separate option that is worth using here is canoe rental, with an experienced guide who tells everything and controls the situation…

And since we are in Belize, it makes sense to live in another lodge, in Blancaneaux Lodge

Blancaneaux Lodge

A secluded mountain plateau with a pine park. From here you can see how the swift mountain river argues with obstacles and now and then falls in cascades. 14 villas along this river, in one of the villas, by the way, Francis Ford Coppola himself lived. Mahogany floors, interesting artifacts from Central America, a special terrace from where you can watch the birds, of which there are many.

Blancaneaux Lodge

And from other entertainments – hiking in the National Park and walking in canoes and jeeps. For example, to such Mayan places as Shunantunich and Tikal. But the main thing: in Belize it is warm and far from the snow-covered and so boring Russian capitals with their everyday life. Which at least sometimes is worth leaving for the sake of a different, completely different life familiar to you.

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