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My reader Anna is interested in Mauritius in the comments. I agree – the fact that I still have not written about Mauritius is an omission. It’s time to really talk about this wonderful place. Let Anna’s comment serve as an occasion!

What are the lures of Mauritius in general? First, the diving here is amazing. One of the best in the world, according to no one, but Jacques Yves Cousteau! In fact, the underwater world near the island of Mauritius is a real work of art. Not made by hands, created by nature itself! But there are also man-made creations in Mauritius that are capable of competing with natural ones in their beauty and the sense of satisfaction they bring. I mean hotels. But in order!

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Mauritius is an island near Africa, formally African. Discovered by the Arabs two thousand years ago. Europeans in the 15th century. When the Europeans came to Mauritius, they, as was customary then, quickly adapted it to their needs – they set up sugar and tea plantations, built cities, destroyed the dodo bird and dodos … Only the ocean was not particularly touched …

The island is surrounded by unsurpassed coral reefs. This is probably the safest diving destination in the world. And even at a shallow depth, genuine underwater miracles are already happening here …

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If for some reason you don’t feel like scuba diving, you can practice “swimming with a helmet”. 20 years ago this method was patented right here in Mauritius. Special dives are conducted by Aquaventure on Deer Island (a couple of minutes by boat from the east coast of Mauritius). You will be put on a completely airtight glass helmet on your head and will slowly and safely sink to the bottom. All the time while you are under water, air will be pumped into the cap from the boat. And at this time you are slowly admiring the corals and the incredible colors of the fish.

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With scuba diving, I would advise diving on the west coast of Mauritius, near the town of Flic-en-Flac, there are picturesque shipwrecks. Some of them were even specially flooded there, so that there was something to entertain unlucky scuba divers and provide material for the formation of artificial reefs.

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Another very notable dive site here is Cathedral. An impressive cathedral-like coral cave at a depth of 25 meters. Imagine – you are walking along long bizarre corridors with massive columns, and tropical fish are scurrying around in surprise.

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In general, there are many more interesting places for diving around Mauritius. I will not list them all here, because I want to move on to hotels. I can only say that I liked it the most underwater in the north of the island. There are whole coral forests! Parrot fish, zebra fish, sparkling garlands of plants and starfish, and the legendary zankla fish – that same monster of the sea with yellow, white and black stripes and sharp fins. They say that the Arabs revered this fish as sacred, and if it accidentally fell into the nets of a fisherman, then it was released back into the sea, after making a wish.

Now about hotels. There are many good ones in Mauritius. I would first of all advise you the following:

one. One&Only Le Saint Geranwhere not only beautiful apartments and a must-see restaurant Spoon des Îles, created by Alain Ducasse himself, but also a casino, a golf course and an excellent spa, one of the best I have been to.

2. Anahita Residences at L’Adamante – this reserve stretches along a six-kilometer line of beautiful beaches, here you can get a villa and everything that comes with it and not regret the paid at all. There are two hotels at once, one of them – Four Seasons Resort!

3. Beau Rivage. Magnificent resort in Belle Mare, in the east of the island, a first class hotel, elegant but not pretentious.

4. Constance Le Prince Maurice. The hotel is legendary, but deservedly included in this list. Paradise for those who like to relax beautifully. Relais&Сhateaux will not let you lie!

five. The Oberoi. Oberoi are never bad. And this one is also beautifully authentically designed. Ideal for a honeymoon and generally a trip for two.

You can also mention at least four hotels, but I think that this is enough for a start, otherwise too much choice is already too difficult. Personally, of those named, the first and fourth positions are closest to me.

In addition, I advise you, no matter how trite it may seem, to definitely ride a boat with a transparent bottom. Dine at the wonderful Creole restaurant Black Steer (+2302119147) on the Caudan waterfront. Well, and go to the old sugar factory-museum L’Aventure du Sucre. The tasting of the local rum that you will experience there will definitely be one of the highlights. You can buy the rum you like right there.

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